Carlson Gracie Memorial Fund

Editors Note: Carlson Gracie was known for being generous to a fault (if there is such a thing), and his legacy is in how many lives he touched as oppossed to his finnances. Indeed, Carlson was actually a man of surprisingly modest means and funds are needed for funeral arrangements and the cost of sending him back to Brazil for burial.

If Carlson tocuhed your life in some way (and if you’re a fan of this sport, then at the very least his influence has certainly touched you) you can help through the following:

National & International Transactions:Carlson Gracie FundsCitibank – IllinoisAcc. # 9141-26588Routing # 271070801Illinois Market Place Account

Brazilian Transactions:Banco Itau – Copacabana – Cardeal Arco VerdeAgencia: 5623Conta: 00729-0Carlson Gracie Junior

A PayPal account has also been set up:

There will be a memorial service on Saturday in Chicago. Details will be posted as soon as they are available.

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