Carolina Cup: “TAP FACTOR 2” Report

The Real badasses liked the idea of fighting in the middle of a tempest. “There was a storm raging outside and inside!”Over all we had a 33% increase in the number of competitors. The spectators were down by half due to the hurricane Ivan. The Real badasses liked the idea of fighting in the middle of a tempest. “There was a storm raging outside and inside!”

Notable additions in the line-up were the ladies No-Gi/Gi where an older lady whipped up on all the younger ones in BOTH categories(see results). And the Youth divisions got a big surge in the entries with the local High Schools, “Cherryville H.S” had the biggest turn-out, mainly because I’m also the wrestling coach there. But now that the word is out and the wrestling divisions appeal to those that ONLY wrestle….I see a quickly growing boom on that side of the house. At the same time this will expose the wrestlers to other forms of grappling.

My refs this time were non-existent at first. Jeff Jimmo(previous Head Ref) was out on town for a funeral. I had Andrew Smith as the Head Ref. Later on that day though Joe Hurst, Fernando, and Daniel Morias (the big wig) showed up. That helped with the reffing considerably.

I was short staffed in other areas too, most of my staff are Police, EMS, and first responder types. So with the storm getting that close to us they were all on call!! But the few staff that I had and myself stretched thin to cover all the gaps pretty well.

Point of Interest, The Men’s No-Gi, Advanced, Absolute division finals were between Alex Franks and Andrew Smith. This was one of the highlights of the day, the final was set as a “No time limit-Go till someone taps out” match. The prize was all the pizza that the winner could carry home. Franks’ knee popped and Smith left with an armload full of pepperoni pizzas.

I was able to break close enough to even too! That’s my goal, EVEN. I don’t really have any intention to run this thing for profit. That way Iknow I’m putting the sport first. When it starts turning a decent profit, probably as of TF3, I’ll just dump that back into the event.

As of now, the Carolina Cup will be a MONTHLY event! The competitors have been requesting it for awhile.

Later on this year/Early next year I will be having the first of the Carolina Cup events in SC, near Charleston. This way every couple of events will be in a different part of the Carolinas.

One last side note, and then I’ll quit chewing your ears off. The event venue, Lincoln Charter School. Is still a new school, they didn’t even have a Wrestling program. So I started one. As of yesterday afternoon, only it’s not EXACTLY a wrestling team. Public school GRAPPLING Team would be more precise. Yeah, I do believe that this is the first such team. We will be competing in wrestling matches with local schools, but using Grappling (with special attention to the NCAA wrestling rules). Butof course they will be doing the grappling as well in my tourny. I will be sending you some pics of them practicing in a week when we offically begin the season. Might make a cute story.

Thanks again for all your help.

Regards, Anthony Huss

Carolina Cup:”Tap Factor”2 Sept. 18th, 2004 Results

Competitors from the local area and six other states.SC., VA., TN., GA., AL., and Nevada!Total # of Fights: 124 Total # of Competitors: 41 Total # of Spectators: 86 Youngest Competitor: James White. age 12, King’sMountain, NC Hosted by: Huss Hybrid Combat College. Lincolnton, NCEvent Sponsors: Sobe beverage, Xtreme Gear,, Byrd’s Sundries, Trophies Forever, C&s Rapid Copies,

Photos by Mary


Women’s No-gi Absolute1st: Alyssa White (Team One)2nd: Rebecca Maguno (McCullough Submission Fighting)3rd: Brittany Edgin (McCullough Submission Fighting)

Men’s No-gi Novice Lightweight1st: Wade Hester (Mile High Grappling)2nd: Brian Donald (Huss Hybrid Combat College)3rd: Clay Bruggeman (Cherryville High/HHCC)

Men’s No-gi Novice Absolute1st: George Lockhart (Sucuri BJJ/Alliance)2nd: Tom Krische (Sucuri BJJ/Alliance)3rd: Michael Leavitt (Goshin Buda JJ)

Men’s No-gi Intermediate Middleweight1st: Justin Farmer (Mile High Grappling)2nd: Patrick Sweet (Martial Arts Training Center)3rd (shared): Gregory Gorman (Martial Arts TrainingCenter) and Quincy Harvey (Team One)

Men’s No-gi Intermediate Heavyweight1st: Mike Elwood (Sucuri/Alliance)2nd: George Lockhart (Sucuri/Alliance)3rd: Shawn Conrad (Relson Gracie)

Men’s No-gi Intermediate Absolute1st: George Lockhart (Sucuri BJJ/Alliance)2nd: Mike Elwood (Alliance)3rd: Patrick Sweet (Martial Arts Training Center)

Men’s No-gi Advanced Cruiserweight1st: Justin Farmer (Mile High)2nd: Chad Main (Team Wolverine)3rd: Fernando (Joe Hurst)

Men’s No-gi Advanced Heavyweight1st: Alex Franks (Martial Arts Training Center)2nd: Rick Sumpter (Ground Rulz)3rd: Abe Stem (McCullough Submission Fighting)

Men’s No-gi Advanced Absolute1st: Andrew Smith (Richmond BJJ)2nd: Alex Franks (Martial Arts Training Center)3rd: Jason Sweet (Martial Arts Training Center)


Women’s No-gi Absolute1st: Alyssa White (Team One)2nd: Rebecca Maguno (McCullough Submission Fighting)3rd: Brittany Edgin (McCullough Submission Fighting)

Men’s White Belt Absolute1st: Shawn Conrad (Relson Gracie)2nd: Chuck Lawing (McGinnis)3rd: Mitchel Leavitt (Goshin Buda JJ)

Men’s White Belt Middlewight1st: Brian Luthart (Hurst)2nd: Quincy Harvey (Team One)3rd: Mitchell Leavitt (Goshin Buda JJ)

Men’s Blue Belt Absolute1st: Mike Elwood (Sucuri BJJ/Alliance)2nd: Tom Krische (Sucuri BJJ/Alliance)3rd: Shawn Conrad (Relson Gracie)

Men’s Purple Belt Absolute1st: Andrew Smith (Richmond BJJ)2nd: Abe Stem (McCullough Submission Fighting)3rd: Paul King (Sucuri BJJ/Allinace)


Youth Folkstyle Light1st: Brandon Cellers (Cherryville High/HHCC)2nd: Matthew Allen (Cherryville High/HHCC)3rd: Jimmy White (American Martial Arts Academy)

Men’s Folkstyle Middle1st: Clay Bruggeman (Cherryville High/HHCC)2nd: Andrew Smith (Richmond BJJ)

Men’s Greco-Roman Light1st: Norlan Graves 2nd: Andrew Smith (Richmond BJJ)

Men’s Greco-Roman Heavy1st: Rick Sumpter (Ground Rulz)2nd: Jason Sweet (MATC)

Team Trophy: AllianceJunior Team Trophy: Cherryville High SchoolMVP, Men: Justin Farmer (Mile High Grappling)MVP, Women: Alyssa White (Team One)MVP, Youth: Clay Bruggeman (Cherryville High/HHCC)

Medals:Tap Factor(highest % of taps): Justin Farmer (MileHigh Grappling)Best Submission: Tom Krische (Sucuri BJJ/Alliance)Best Takedown: Justin Farmer (Mile High Grappling)Most Aggresive: Alyssa White (Team One)Most Technical: Andrew Smith (Richmond BJJ)Quickest Tap: Tom Krische (Sucuri BJJ/Alliance),”0:51″

Quickest Pin: Brandon Cellers (CherryvilleHigh/HHCC),”1:20″ Battle Scarred: Alex Franks (Martial Arts TrainingCenter) Fashion Victim: Paul King (Sucuri BJJ/Allinace)

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