Carson Jr Seminar

Carlson Gracie Jr will conduct a BJJ Seminar In Los Angeles

Saturday Nov 18th from Noon until 2 PM
[If you’ve not been to Rey’s before, please arrive a little early to get all the paper work done.]

Price: $30 for 2 hours of BJJ techniques-A bargain for the great techniques
you’ll learn!

Location: Rey Diogo BJJ Academy
8733 Venice Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90034

Directions: check out Rey’s website at or use Mapquest

Everyone is welcome to attend this awesome seminar

Carlson Gracie Jr. was born in the state of Rio de Janeiro Brazil in July 27 1969. He started Jiu-Jitsu at the age of 3 yrs. old under the direction of
his father Grand Master Carlson Gracie.
Junior attended, for 6 years, the Rio de Janeiro State University, where he obtained a Physical Education degree. In 1987, as a result of an invitation
of the State Team Coach at the time, Orlando Barradas, who got really impressed by Carlson Junior’s achievements, when Junior, after only a few
months of his graduation as a Black Belt, won first place in one of the most important tournaments around the world ³The Buda Cup². In addition, on his
way back to Brazil he won ³ The South American Championship². After that, he went on a, “winning parade”, that went from a challenge between martial Arts schools in Brazil, where he represented the Carlson Gracie Team.

Carlson Jr also fought in Asia, in the, “Battle – Cage”, and in Vegas at the the, “Extreme Fighting Championship”. He later competed in the Chicago
Challenge which he won two years in the row. Since he retired from competitions, he became a very dedicated teacher of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. For Junior it¹s Important to have the Carlson Gracie Team continue having
real Champions and to inspire the new generations in a better, more physically active, and more health oriented style of life based on the exercise, discipline, and the self-control that the practice of Brazilian
Jiu-Jitsu provides it¹s practitioners. This is not even taking into consideration the fame, popularity, and financial success that some of the
fighters coming from the, “Carlson Gracie nest”, enjoy when they become professional and certified under the direction of a Great Family of masters.
They are recognized world wide as ³ Living Legends ³. Currently, junior is the head Instructor for, “Ground Survival”, one the Biggest Organizations of
Martial-Arts in the world.

Carlson Jr. is the true disciple of Carlson Sr, having a huge storehouse of BJJ knowledge.

If you are anywhere near LA, come tap the of the best resources of BJJ from a GREAT instructor.

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