Carson’s Corner: Eddie Goldman and Bob Carson discuss UFC 84, YAMMA, EliteXC, IFL and more!

Eddie Goldman ( joined Bob for today’s Carson’s Corner. They covered a wide variety of topics, including UFC 84, ELITE XC, IFL, YAMMA and

Eddie Goldman is a long-time respected MMA journalist and pundit. He has never been one to shy away from an opinion, and this show is no exception. You’re definitely going to want to hear what Eddie and Bob have to say about the present state of MMA. If you like talk radio, you’ll love this edition of Carson’s Corner.

After the Goldman interview, Bob gives an update on Vitali Klitschko as he continues his excursion into politics. Ricky Hatton and his amazing crowd-drawing ability is also covered in the patented News and Rumors segment of the show, as is an update on the training camp of James Thompson. News on Josh Barnett is also covered. This show is heavy on both news and opinion. It’s fast-moving and entertaining.

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