Carson’s Corner: Ken Pavia and undefeated MMA prospect Sean Foreman!

To listen, click here: Carson’s Corner kicks off the new year with a bang! Ripped Carson’s Pit veteran and MMA superagent Ken Pavia returns to the show to discuss all of his latest antics!

Bob grills the always game Pav about a host of subjects including his confusing online battle with someone purporting to be Joe Riggs, allegations of indifference towards the hypothetical death of fighter Dale Hartt, Superbrawl promoter TJ Thompson’s challenge for an MMA fight, the Luke Cummo pot bust and much more! Did Ken really see Joe Riggs get tapped out multiple times by someone with only two limbs? Tune in to find out!

Right after the Pav interview, you’ll hear from New Jersey prospect Sean Foreman. Bob sat down with him to talk about his training with Rhino Fight Team, his upcoming fight and his goals for the new year.

After the interviews, Bob talks about Sir Eddie Goldman, the UFC, K-1 Dynamite, Oscar de la Hoya and more! It’s an action-packed show.

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