Carson’s Corner: MFC President Mark Pavelich responds to his critics

As the next fight show promoted by the Maximum Fighting Championship draws near, MFC president Mark Pavelich finds himself mired in something of a controversy. We’re delighted that we are able to bring you Mark’s definitive statement about this situation. After you hear this interview, you’ll wonder whether the media created this drama and, if so, why.

Host Bob Carson and Mark also talk about MFC 24: Heat XC, which takes place on February 26. You’ll hear a breakdown of the fights and analysis with the president that is presented in a way that you probably aren’t used to hearing from the head of a major company. Mark also discusses the MFC futures of such fighters as Travis Lutter and Dean Lister. As usual, Pavelich holds nothing back.

After the interview, Bob goes through some news and rumors, including a discussion of the upcoming UFC show. It’s all there and you won’t want to miss it.

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