Carson’s Corner: UFC veteran Shonie Carter speaks on race in MMA and the UFC!

Sometimes, an interview goes off-script and you’re left with radio gold. Such is the case this week on Carson’s Corner. The short summary of this show is this: Shonie Carter is on fire and talking about anything and everything he wants to bring up.

Bob Carson and Shonie Carter sat down for an interview, primarily to discuss Shonie’s May 30 bout against Victor Moreno on the Primetime Fighting Championships card. Shonie did discuss the bout and did discuss his disdain for Moreno, but he went into much, much more.

Mr. International talks with Bob about Dana White, how he feels he is perceived by Zuffa, his time as a U.S. Marine, the racial diversity that will occur in MMA in the future, his true fight record, Matt Serra, Georges St. Pierre and so much more that you’re just going to have to listen to this interview to understand the scope of what Shonie had to say.

This is an interview that is sure to be discussed for years.

Bob also discusses YAMMA, the UFC fight card on Spike TV last week, the season premiere of TUF season 7 and quite a bit more.

To hear the show, click here:

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