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WEC XXII Hot August Fights Report

By Gumby / August 19, 2006

WEC 22: Hot August Fights From Lemoore August 17, 2006 WEC 22: Hot August Fights From Lemoore Robert “Bullet” Breslin vs Andrew “Mickey” Martinez Fight declared a draw after two rounds. Josh McDonald vs Pat Murphy Josh McDonald by a decision. Dan Molina vs Rafael “The Real Deal” Del Real Molina takes the fight to […]


WFA Preview

By Gumby / July 21, 2006

The WFA returns this weekend in a big way to the Los Angeles Forum! Get your tickets or PPV! The WFA returns this weekend in a big way to the Los Angeles Forum! Headlining the event will be Quentin “Rampage” Jackson against Matt “the Law” Lindland. Also will be the return of Bas Rutten […]


Rener Gracie, Director of IGJJF

By Gumby / July 17, 2006

Interview with Rener Gracie on the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu World Championship (August 19, 2006-Los Angeles, Ca.) To Pre-Register for the 2006 Gracie Jiu-Jitsu World Championship visit Rener Gracie is the second son of Rorion Gracie, eldest son of Helio Gracie. In addition to following in the family tradition as a devastating competitor and accomplished instructor […]


LIVE Strike Force PBP

By Gumby / June 10, 2006

Coming Live from the San Jose Arena Attendence is 10, 374 Waiting backstage for the fights to begin. Check back at about 6:30 for the first fight! Sean Bassett vs. Chris Amarante ? Arena is about a third full right now as the first fight is announced. Sean Bassett is the local fighter, and gets […]


555 Challenge Quick Report

By Gumby / June 5, 2006

The Pan Americans of Submission Grappling took place on June 3rd in Long Beach, and marked another consistently action packed and well run tournament! THe highlight was the Team 555 Challenge. 555 Challenge Quick Results The first edition of the 555 Challenge took place yesterday at the Pan Americans of Submission Grappling. In the 555 […]


555 Challenge FAQ

By Gumby / May 29, 2006

This time, we’ve decided to open up our feature tournament to all competitors! This will be a unique and fun grappling experience! What is the 555 Challenge? The 555 Challenge is a team challenge competition in which teams of three competitors who have a combined weight of 555 pounds or less will face off in […]


5 more Sucri Techniques on Video

By Gumby / May 16, 2006

Techniques courtesy of our friends Daniel Boquist and Alliance Black Belt Luis “Sucuri” Togno. Visit their website at This weeks videos are some excellent techniques courtesy of our friends Daniel Boquist and Alliance Black Belt Luis “Sucuri” Togno. Visit their website at The OntheMat Video library has officially cracked the 500 barrier (or […]


Gumby’s Blog is back!

By Gumby / April 25, 2006

After a lengthy hiatus, Gumby’s Blog is back! Find out what happened, and read the continuing adventures of Gumby, along with an insider look at the sport and thoughts here:


Gumby’s New Blog

By Gumby / October 7, 2005 Everyone is doing it, and if you read up on internet trends, blogging is definitely the hottest thing on the web right now. Still, I figured I already had a website, so what did I need a blog for? While OntheMat is a news site and grappling and BJJ portal in a stricter […]


Gumby Column: So you wanna compete?

By Gumby / August 19, 2005

There are definitely things you can do to make your competition experience more successful and enjoyable.SO YOU WANT TO COMPETE IN BJJ AND GRAPPLING TOURNAMENTS In all fairness, I haven`t competed myself in a long time (since US Open XIII in 2003). This is largely because with all the running around and stress on the […]

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