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Are You A Woman? You HAVE To Know These 8 Chokes

By Moses Marasco / January 15, 2018

Just a note, these chokes are great for ANYONE’S self-defense, however some of these particular chokes are sorta situational for women… So, whether your a man, woman, or something in between, you’ll enjoy this video and get a lot out of it, enjoy! Oh yeah… Rener Gracie is still just as friggin’ awesome as ever.


Famous Boxers

By Test / March 2, 2017

Box Stars And Gambling Addiction Online gambling has changed the way the public sees famous boxers. Now people can bet their hard-earned money on famous boxers from all over the world. The World Cup, Olympics, boxing matches and mixed martial arts have all brought millions of people to gamble online. It’s very possible for boxers […]


Yair Rodriguez Says Fighting Is A Sport, Not Criminal

By Moses Marasco / August 4, 2016

UFC Fighter Yair Rodriguez was recently interviewed and during he said some interesting things on how he hopes to change people’s negative opinion on the sport… “I hope I change people’s opinion of the sport. They used to watch the UFC or MMA and used to think, ‘Those guys are animals, the worst.’ Some guy […]