Reports surfaced today that Russian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, SANTIAGO SHATAN, has openly challenged CESAR GRACIE to a fight. Apparently bad blood started between these two last summer, when SHATAN posted some questions to GRACIE on the Graciefighter.com website Forum. SHATAN entered the FORUM under the moniker, “Elvis”. SHATAN was immediately banned from the Forum for asking questions of GRACIE that were obviously putting GRACIE in an embarrassing situation. It appears that GRACIE has a history of banning Forum surfers who pose questions that might expose issues that he is sensitive to. After SHATAN was banned from the Forum, a number of his RJJ students stepped up to continue the cross-examination of GRACIE. Ultimately GRACIE disposed of the Forum Thread and banned all of SHATAN’s students from the Forum. However, not before GRACIE in no uncertain terms told SHATAN that he would ‘kick his ass’ when he finally found out who he was and how to find him. According to SHATAN only hours ago, he has called GRACIE numerous times in the last 48 hours, “to deliver his ass for the kicking that GRACIE has promised”. Surprisingly, now GRACIE is running for cover and is unwilling to follow-through with his “ass-kicking” promise, or to meet SHATAN in the ring under any conditions. This certainly seems out of character for a Gracie Family member, which has a long history of not running away from fights, especially when they issue the challenge. For those that want to see what actually transpired in the original Forum confrontation, those threads are now available at the following LINKS:http://rabiddogmma.com/GracieFighterPg1.mhthttp://rabiddogmma.com/GracieFighterPg2.mhthttp://rabiddogmma.com/GracieFighterPg3.mhthttp://rabiddogmma.com/GracieFighterPg4.mhthttp://rabiddogmma.com/GracieFighterPg5.mhthttp://rabiddogmma.com/GracieFighterPg6.mhthttp://rabiddogmma.com/GracieFighterPg7.mhthttp://rabiddogmma.com/GracieFighterPg8.mhthttp://rabiddogmma.com/GracieFighterPg9.mhthttp://rabiddogmma.com/GracieFighterPg10.mhthttp://rabiddogmma.com/GracieFighterPg11.mht Below is a list of the issues that SHATAN confronted GRACIE on:GRACIE infringed upon Royce Gracie’s name and reputation in marketing the Frank Shamrock – Cesar Gracie fiasco, which many believe is the biggest Pro MMA fight card scam in history, since GRACIE only showed up to collect his paycheck with the minimum amount of time in the ring. Clearly GRACIE attempted no offense, and his corner was ready to throw the towel before the fight actually began. GRACIE wrongly claims the bulk of the credit for training a number of his high profile Pro Fighters, and gives no credit to the trainers that actually did most of the successful work. This is validated by the fact that more often than not, GRACIE is not present in the corner for these high profile fighters at their bouts. In addition, these high profile fighters actually rarely train with GRACIE any longer. GRACIE falsely represents that he is a Certified Carlos Gracie Jr. Black Belt. Carlos Jr. clearly does not list GRACIE in his published lists of Black Belts. GRACIE falsely claims to be a “real Gracie”. CESAR GRACIE’s mother was a direct Gracie descendant. It is customary protocol to take your father’s surname. This would be another illegitimate infringement upon the Gracie name by CESAR GRACIE in trying to cash in on their historic accomplishments. According to SHATAN, “…. in his defense, CESAR GRACIE might not know what his father’s name is, since his mother was allegedly a Brazil lady of the night…..”. GRACIE bans anyone on his Forum who engages in discussion in any of these issues, and then erases the threads to cover up the incriminating issues. When asked for comment hours ago, SHATAN offered the following: “CESAR GRACIE is a fraud and a coward. He told the world behind the protection of his Forum that he was going to kick my ass, in order to look tough and to save face to his students. Now that I call him out to make good on his tough talk, he runs for cover like a little girl. He is a chicken-shit wimp who needs to be exposed for the punk that he is. I want to fight him, anywhere, any time, under any conditions. I would prefer the alley with just him and me, with no rules whatsoever. That’s an arena that he claims to be good at, which might be the biggest bullshit to ever come out of his mouth”. Stay tuned for more on this story, and to see if CESAR GRACIE will run or fight.

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