CFC-IV Results

Crown Fighting Championship – IV Results Sept. 3rd, 2005 Rosarito Beach, Mexico Marco Perez (Tony) – Producer

Fight 1 – Amateur Muay Thai Bout Ediel Escalante and Marcos Mesa battled to a three round draw

Fight 2 – MMA Bout Adrian Camacho wins by first round submission (guillotine choke) over Andre Garalde

Fight 3 – Muay Thai Bout Miguel Azuara wins by default over Cuauhtemoc Felix (No Show)

Fight 4 – MMA Bout Luis Alvarez wins by first round submission (forearm choke) over Eddie Lazaro

Fight 5 – Submission Match (2 of 3 taps) Virgilio Lozano wins the match in the first round by submissions over Enrique Luna – First submission was a kneebar – Second submission was a toe hold.

Fight 6 – MMA Bout Cesar Vazquez wins by first round submission (triangle choke) over Jason Stewart

Fight 7 – MMA Bout Mike Martelle wins by default over Esteban Garcia (No Show)

Fight 8 – MMA Bout Justin Jorgensen wins by default over Jon Lopez (No Show)

Fight 9 – Muay Thai Bout Omar Jimenez wins by default over Chris Lopez (No Show)

Fight 10 – MMA Bout Alex Garcia wins by default over Tony Garcia (No Show)

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