Chinzo recovers from injury and wants to do more fights in 2011

 After four years, Chinzo Machida returned to the ring in WFE 8, but was defeated in the jury decision by Leonardo Laiola. Talking with us, Chinzo said he had fractured his hand during combat.


"I felt I could have fractured my hand early in the first round, when I punched him and took the hard part of the head", said Chinzo, who hopes to fight more often in 2011, "After four years standing, I felt that things have evolved, but I would have fought in normal conditions, without being with a fractured hand, to make a better assessment. And my wish is to fight more often this year".


Who also just going through a surgery was his brother, Lyoto, but the former UFC champion is also recovering well and is back in training.


"Lyoto has again a small umbilical hernia surgery, the same as he had done 12 years ago, and again become prominent. But his recovery postsurgical is great, he even started doing some light exercises with short walks and activities that do not force the abdominal wall", explained Chinzo.

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