Coca Cola’s World Cup Report

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Coca Cola’s World Cup explodes with Marcelo Garcia in action! No one knew he was going to fight, I even asked him the earlier in the day if he was going to fight and he said he was still hurt from Abu Dhabi. Jacare even teased him saying it was the first time in his life he ever ran from money. Then when show time came and a few of the pro`s no showed Garcia jumped in like a like a game pitdog. The look on his face changed and so did everyone elses` in the pro division when Matt Daniel got on the mic and said" Ladies and Gentlemen of the Coke Cup we have a special treat for you. The 2 time Abu Dhai Champion Marcel Garcia is going to fight!" Well that just made the trip. I had decided earlier that morning to jump in the pro division too. After being egged on by those Sambazon Acai guys and Chris "Cuntlip" Moriarty I figured why not. I knew I had one or two good fights in me even if I had been up all night. The lightweight division was all the top local guys. Raphael Assuncao from Velocity JJ took out another tough guy for we met in the semis. We had a good match and he beat me on two good take downs. Raphael fought very well and he is a strong tough guy. I think this year could be a great year for him if he gets out and fights. That being said he has a real tough fight with local rival school purple belt Ryan Ellison from Alliance JJ. This was a back and forth battle with some weird point scoring going on. The fight could have gone to either guy, but the nod went to Assuncao this time. We hope to see Ryan get out and show his talents too. The heavy weight division was full of local talent and Garcia. Chris Moriarty was just off a huge win over Fabio Nasmento at the Pan Ams of Submission Grappling Pro division. But, as a teammate of Garcia`s we knew they would not fight. On the other side of the bracket Junior Assuncao, older brother of Raphael, was an x-teammate of Garcia`s . This division proved to be action packed with a little drama rolled in to push the pace. All the fights were good and Junior ended up meeting Garcia in the finals. But, just as everyone else does he fell to the enviable submission. Junior looked solid coming in beating Moriaty with a Guillotine and winning his other match as well. There was a lot of good gi action as well. The highlight being Chris Moriaty running threw his division and the open with a gang of subs.. He even almost pulled a standing mao de vaca! There was only one Brown belt match and that was between Garth Spendif and Wesley Gann. There was a size difference between these too guys but they decided to fight anyway. They were pretty evenly matched and Garth took it on points. This was a small good event. It was good to see all the new talent coming out of the south and I hope they get the chance to travel and showcase that talent. Any chance to see Marcello Garcia in person rolling is a blessing. So special thanks to all the sponsors: Sambazon, Rio Fight Wear, the chiropractor, (sorry lost your card) and especially the massage girls! Thanks for taking us out drinking and for the Monday morning massage, it was great. You can find the full results at Special Thanks to the Sponsors Coke Samazon Acai Rio Fightwear Hosted by: Alliance Jiu Jitsu – Jacare Discuss in the OTM Forum! If you are having problems playing back the video you will need to install Quicktime 7 on your computer (the videos are compressed in the H.264 standard) Install the free player and enjoy (is backwards compatibile with all previous Quicktime files).

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