Fight 1 – WelterweightSCOTT CATLIN (2 – 0) The Boxing Club, San Diego, CA – USAVS.SIPANHYA “ZIPPY” KOUMMALASY (0 – 1)Team Fight Ugly, San Diego, CA – USACatlin defeats Koummalasy via TKO (strikes) at :25 of 1RD.

Fight 2 – WelterweightWARREN JAMES (1 – 0) Brikhaus MMA, San Diego, CA – USAVS.XAVIER “EL DRAGON” MONDRAGON (1 – 2)Freestyle MMA, Tijuana, B. C. – MexicoJames defeats Mondragón via Submission (rear naked choke) at 1:27 of 1RD.

Fight 3 – Flyweight RAFAEL SALOMAO (7 – 2)Salomao BJJ & MMA / Edson Carvalho Team, Bahia – BrazilVS.MAURICE EAZEL (3 – 3)The Body Shop & Sub Fighter Team, Lakewood, CA – USASalomao defeats Eazel via Submission (triangle / elbow strikes) at 2:47 of 1RD.

Fight 4 – LightweightSHANNON GUGERTY (7 – 2)The Boxing Club, San Diego, CA – USAVS.PARIS “LA FURIA” RUIZ (4 – 1)Combate Libre Academia & Rodriguez Fight Team, Monterrey, NL – MéxicoGadgetry defeats Ruiz via Submission (rear naked choke) in the 2RD.

Light 5 – Welterweight IURI SILVA (5 – 0)Salomao BJJ & MMA / Edson Carvalho Team, Bahia – BrazilVS.NATE AYE (0 – 1)OC Muay Thai & MMA, San Clemente, CA – USASilva defeats Aye via Submission (guillotine) in the 2RD.

Fight 6 – Middleweight VIRGILIO LOZANO (4 – 1 – 1)Galindos’ Bull Pen & Pit Bull Gym, Tijuana, B. C. – MexicoVS.BILL SMALLWOOD (2 – 1)Team Ice Fighter, San Diego, CA – USALozano defeats Smallwood via TKO (fighter retirement) at 2:16 of 2RD.In second round the ref stood the fighters up alter they were tied up on the ground and Smallwood told the ref he couldn’t continue – Smallwood sat on the mat and had the doctor check his leg – He looked to be in discomfort but was finally able to walk out of the cage.

Fight 7 – LightweightMAURO SALOMAO (6 – 1)Salomao BJJ & MMA / Edson Carvalho Team, Bahia – BrazilVS.JEFF WILLINGHAM (3 – 2)The Body Shop & Sub Fighter Team, Lakewood, CA – USASalomao defeats Willingham via submission (arm bar) in 1RD. Fight 8 – Heavyweight ADOLFO “MONSTER” DE LA TORRE (6 – 4)Pit Bull Gym, Tijuana, B. C. – MexicoVS.TONY “THE TIGER” VELARDE (5 – 3)The Ultimate Fitness Ctr. / Next Level Gym, Chula Vista, CA – USAVelarde defeats De La Torre via TKO (hand and knee strikes) in 2RD.

Fight 9 – Middleweight MIKE “EL VERDUGO” SEAL (11 – 12 – 1)MMA Mexico, Tijuana, B. C. – MexicoVS.MARCOS “EL NINO PROBLEMA” RODRIGUEZ (5 – 4)Combate Libre Academia, Cd. Juárez, CH – MéxicoSeal defeats Rodríguez by TKO (fighter retirement) in 1RD.After Seal landed some knees, they separated and Rodríguez motioned to the ref he could not continue (possible broken nose)

Fight 10 – COF BANTAMWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP (VACANT)BRANDON GUSHIKEN (7 – 1)Entram Vale Todo, Tijuana, BC – MexicoVS.GERARDO MORALES (5 – 2)Kung Do Lama / Shoot Fighting, Cancun, Q. Roo – MexicoGushiken defeats Morales via disqualification at 4:40 of 2RD.Morales connects an illegal yet seemingly unintentional knee to the temple of Gushiken while he has a knee on the canvas. The ref stops the actions and Gushiken in bad shape is allowed time to regroup while a point is deducted from Morales in the score cards. Brandon after the allowed period to regroup is not in condition to fight and the decision is given proceeding with Morales’ disqualification. The fight had gone back and forth with alternating moments of dominance by both fighters in what had been a clean and exciting fight up to that point.

Do to the controversy COF in agreement with the Athletic Commission announced that a direct rematch was in place.

Brandon later on the phone (Sunday) refused to accept the title under such controversial circumstances and acknowledging the fight his opponent was giving agreed to fight Morales in rematch disputing the Bantamweight title in the next COF event.

Fight 11 – COF LIGHTWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIPJOEY “LEONCITO” ALVARADO (5 – 4) Defending championSo Cal MMA / Machado Jiu-Jitsu, Los Angeles, CA – USAVS.DANIEL “EL CHANGO” MORALES (4 – 1) ChallengerGalindo’s Bull Pen, Tijuana, B. C. – MexicoMorales defeats Alvarado by submission (verbal) at 3:17 of 1RD.Morales escapes a triangle and arm bar attempt by Alvarado mid round establishing dominant position with his knee pressing on Alvarado’s head. Moving to a better position Morales starts landing elbows to the face of Alvarado which prompted Joey to verbally tap. Morales wins the fight and is crowned the new Lightweight Champion in COF.

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