Combat Wrestling Instructor Certification April 30th- May 2nd, 2010

 By: John Clarke

If you are serious about self defense or fighting you cannot afford to miss this opportunity. Whether your a grappler or a striker, Combat Wrestling fills the void in your fighting game. Learn how to integrate both worlds the way many MMA champions have; with a solid wrestling base. The program covers three main aspects over three days: takedown defense, takedowns, and clinch work/ ground and pound. This is not a sport wrestling program and teaches how to use striking to set up and defend takedowns. We also stress the use of base and striking to defend and set up submissions. 

All school owners and students are welcome to take this dynamic course designed completely around technique. This system can be deployed in a martial arts school on a four month rotation and draws from the same tools that have made the HaganaH F.I.G.H.T. system a success across the world!! Don’t assume you have enough weapons in your arsenal and sign up today!!  Mention OTM and receive 10% off!!

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