connection rio 11th oct brazzzzzzzzzzzillian madness

smashing sofas falling fruits crazy women hard training and depature of good mates, this is pretty much whats been happening in the house,

ill start with the crazy women who arnt acctually too crazy but more fun, so we pretty much left our weekends in the hands of A and B, two brazillian girls who speak english, this weekend they take us to a student party in ipanima, i let the house know that was the plan and alot of people came including the long awaited igor, this guy arrived at the house not speaking any english looking like a stone cold killer, i really wanted him to open up and now he shares the occasionall man hug and is always joking, so to see him come out with us was magical, he was foot stomping and fist pumping with in 10 mins of being in the club, it was great, next night out was a jazz show in a street party………………to be honest it was pretty lame so we went to emporio a regular stomping ground for the connection rio people, this is were the night for me went down hill …………… and i take full blame, what happened was the night was going as it always starts a table of 10 guys all looking away from the table at the tits and ass around the bar,  so i wanted to bring the attention to the table, the reason for this is no girl is going to come to a table of guys who look like there only goal is to go and perv so i saw it as my responsabillity to make it fun…………….DRINKING GAMES 1st was ”yes and no and question game” if you say yes or no or ask a question you down a drink this game was to hard for the other guys so we then played heads or tails, if you follow my blog ull remember the rules of this, as were playing and our table is errupting with male testosterone shouting and fun a girl comes over with a dring for the quiet swedish guy at the end of the table, he didnt want it so i drunk it. this caused a huge argument the girl went crazy and not one to missout on a emotional women i ended up leaving her with a a little kiss and exchanging numbers, every one was prtty shocked as to how i turned thiscrazy girl who wanted to fight me into a girl who now calls me asking me on a date, to be honest i dont know.

talking of strange things happening get this, in brazil there are alot of things in the trees big things small things and things you really dont want falling on your head, one of these things is a cocounut but an even greater thing is a jack fruit, yes same name but unlike me you wouldnt want this fruity beast falling on top of you, well mike my very good jewish friend had just that happen, we just finished a very fun hike up pedra de gavea just out the back of the house and we stopped at the bottem to let steve take some pictures and this is when it happened.

mike; jack how do these fruits not fall off

jack; they do im suprised we havent herd them fall on the hike

mike; yea, they look to big for the branches there on

jack; indeed

mike; sighs and said ”my life has changes so much over this trip”….

jackfruit; BOOOOOOOM

mike; WTF

jack; hahahahaaha

yep mike the jew is officially the 1st person i know to have a jack fruit lend on his head, and after a trip to the hospital he ended up with just a little concussion and a great story.

next day we decided to smash up the old sofa in hulk smashing style


this is the end of my blog untill next time tchau people

mad jack the hat

if it aint mad it aint jack


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