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hey people sorry 4 the delay
Training up to the the comp was very good dennis put me thru the regular comp training and we done a little no gi aswell where i was drilling a lot of ankle locks and heel hooks to win the no gi fight as the guy i was fighting is a very good bjj player.
The no gi fight started with me and my opponent being called over to get rash guards mine black his white, then some weigh in pics then we had to stand there while they played the Brazillian national anthem it was a pretty big deal the guy i was fighting was super friendly kept touching my shoulder and shit, im not really into making friends with an opponent so i just ignoed him he got the picture.
the fight was as i pictured the guy tried some jodo takedowns i played half gurd and full guard he tried for mount i sweeped him then heel hooked him ill post the video on here, so you can all see what happened.
The bjj torn ii was placed 3rd not impressed with it to be honest but it gave me more stuff to work on for the next weeks tornament and i videoed the fight i lost there also i will put it on you tube. I find bjj tornis to be alot about getting points and stalling i haven’t competed for a long time but i find it really frustrating and wish it could be no time limit so as everyone is trying to submit and dominate more.
The whole house is very busy and most people competing  in all the future comps so there is not many slackers in the houseits a good vibe the jordonians makka lakka and deboss have extended there stay so its going to be a good month of training.
My stint in my own room took some getting used too there was a spare room and dennis let me use it while nobody was there the 1st night i went back to the common room because i missed the banter but the second night i used it and really enjoyed the quietness for once but now im back in the common room and its packed but i do love the pre sleep banter.
Eating less now in prep for the next comp as ill be back to my leve weight again 74kgs i bulked up to 80 kg for my no gi and gi fight im guessin it wont be hard to get back down actually im hopping it wont be but lots of training and clean eating will help.
Different training style is needed as im competing every weekend there is no point in me having wars in the gym everyday so i need to get the most out of my training and be sencible im training to get as much out of every roll as possible and im finding its opening my game up alot.
Raphael dos anjos is back i haven’t seen him but i herd hes having trouble speeking due to swelling after the operation i wish him a speedy recovery and hope to see him in the gym soon.
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