connection rio 21st september 2010 bars and arm bars

as you can tell this last few weeks have been a little crazier than the house has been for a while, as you may know i had to take a week off training to let my finger repair so i the oppertunity of teaching a few privates to sam and robert two guys at the house, both have very different styles yet i think they both got the most out of there sessions with me, sam after rolling with me asked can i show him some stuff to make his game more like mine, and robert wanted to work only on side control escapes. The extra cash from the privates come in handy for two things firstly, a few of my mates came over to train and i had a little bit of cash to go out with them, but also i spent a big bit on a gym membership and it was a great investment i forgot how great the gyms are out here its like being in a big ass factory, me being an ass guy this is great but what i have noticed is the brazillians are not used to a lil white lad doing cleans and deadlifts in the gym and other crazy work outs also there is a swimming pool there so its a great excusse to pull out the sunga (A brazillian speedo) this brings me onto my next subject, the rainbow power………… Its a sunday morning, the house is hung over, every one is scraping there self off there beds and talking of the weekends madness, ill talk about that after, the sun is not shinning so much on this day  so we decide to go barra shopping, me steve, mike and jason, steve asks were he can buy a sunga as he dont feel he fitted in in his little footballer shorts, so not one to pass up a funny oppertunity in brazil we went shopping and every one knew about it ………………….  enjoy!!!!

The weekend went as follows, mike, a new addition to the house asks me " hey jack the girls here in brazil, there really pretty, i was wondering is it esy to talk to them" i explain its pretty hard as they speak only a little english and the ones in barra can be stuck up, he looks in disbilef so i say "HERE WATCH THIS" and i go open a group of 3 pretty girls…………and as it happends they all respond possitivley to a little english charm and end up asking us to go to a rock kareoke bar, so we go back to the head quaters, get some threads on and meet the th girls at the bar oswaldo’s and off to the bar we go, when we arrive we all choose different songs to sing and in connection rio style we take over the bar with great singing, crowd diving and awesomness, so the next day we tell the others of our sucsess and we take a bigger crowed out with us and end up in emporio.. ……………..a mixture of tourists, brazillians who want to speak english or the odd shady looking bloke asking if you want anything he has to offer, we arrive back at the head quaters at 6 am ready for sunga shopping the next day.


im pleased to let you all know im now injury free and training everyday again with the addition of the weights gym and swimming,

for info on the connection rio house or were we bought the sungas feel free to message me

thanks again mad jack the hat.

”if it aint mad it aint jack”


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