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happy monday people, just woke up too late for the morning session so i decided to blog, ill start by talking about training and the reason its been a while since my last post, last week i was training the MMA/ submission class and working gillotines (spelling) when your opponent shoots, master mario sperry was teaching this and nobody squeezes a neck like him, the move was very usefull but whilst drilling i felt a little twinge in my back and as the session went on movement was getting limited so i decided to go home and rest it, 2 days rest and it was feeling better i was helping dennis with the gringo class, i was watching igor (a russian sambo and judo blackbelt) he was pinning a guy i train and i was impressed with how solid his pin was, so i told dennis my neck was 100% and asked to work sidecontrol escape with igor…………bad move i escaped twice using my bridge and another sweep involving my neck as soon as i stood up i felt my neck was messed up again, i hate bitching about injuries and dont wana be that guy so i decided i wouldnt blog untill i was on the mat again, been training with sebastian a world champ purple belt and judo player hes a little heavier than me but we have good rolls as you can see from the video. since my week and a half rest comming back i felt pretty good had some great rolls on saturday morning open mat.

parties have been pretty fun not so many clubs more house parties and BBQ’s,  i have been enjoying meeting new locals and seeing how there parties differ from my friends parties at home and i have noticed that when i party i do it so i have awesome stories to tell untill the next weekend, such as, our party in nitroi were we had to drive through a favela and up some steep hills to get to a house full of guys who had a make shift studio, me mike and matt went and ejoyed some brazillian bbq and cocktails next day went to a beach with not a white person on it, soooo i decided to pull out the rainbow sunga it caused a bit of bad attention and some locals were giving me some strange looks mike decided not to get his out and we left shortly after, next day we went to greenday thanks to gabi who hooked us up with some tickets and vip passes, next weekend we (me thorin and matt) went to a house party that was better than the last the guys were less nerdy and more relaxed we all ended up in the pool everyone had a good night and after back flips into the pool jumping out windows beating people with toy snakes and watching a little bit of ufc we all swapped stories of the night the next day puting the events together.

while over here im always looking for good tattoo artists and my friend ana took me to a studio that was great some of the best artwork i have seen and the guys who work there are pretty cool aswell, if i had the cash id be in there getting inked make sure you check out there art if you come to rio.

or there face book

thats all for this week guys

oh wait, recently a guy asked to interview me for a martial arts project hes doing, he only works with traditional martial arts but wanted my take on the whole traditional martial arts to mordern day fighter type stuff have a little look


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