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Hey people, thoght I’d start by saying bollox, it may seem strange to start a blog with that, but everyone in Brazil asks me: Hey Jack, what do you think of England in the World Cup and my reply has been bollox! Those guys get payed in a month more than I have earned in my whole 7 years of pro MMA and they played like crap……….so bollox. I support Brazil now, but I really would like them out the World Cup also so things would go back normal, less horns, and silly wigs.


Right, now that’s off my chest let’s talk about stuff I care about. I heard Gordo is doing a hike up Pedra de Guava (a huge rock/hill) behind the house. I have done this multiple times, so I may go up there before them and wait at the top, depends how early they go. I’m looking forward to it, as the trek is hard and the view is amazing. I’m sure there will be some funny stories in next week’s blog about that.


Recently, I have taken up the hobby of sun bathing……now I know what you’re thinking, Jack if you get a tan you will be even more irresistible and you’re probably correct, but what the heck. I’ve been traveling hot countries (with the exception of the UK and Polland) for the last 3 years and never tanned. A not so close friend of mine, but still a friend, told me tanning was really relaxing but i just thought he looked gay. As it turns out, it’s so peaceful. So Martin I apologize, tanning is awesome.


New team sessions now with Raphael Leonardo and Kru Toy are going really well and I’m having a lot of fun and learning a lot from them. I’m going boxing with Raphael into the favela soon with a really good boxing coach whose name I shall find out soon for you all, so I’m looking forward to that. Both the boxing and going in a favela.


How do I deal with home sickness?? Today I really felt it. Maybe it was the arrival of Brigette’s little brother Woolf. Maybe it was speaking to my dad or maybe getting a message from my best friend, but I felt it today and it sucked. Sometimes I think about how much I like the people here and try to compare them with people back home, but I guess ”the same flower can look different in different gardens” meaning I may have found someone just as awesome as the people back home here, but I don’t realize it yet, as I haven’t settled here yet. Deep I know, but I figure everyone gets home sick, so if I write about it maybe others will see they’re not alone.


My Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu is improving in time for Rio Open and I have Dennis Asche to thank for this and also Jeremy has been helping a lot, not forgeting all the guys and girls at Gordo Jiu-Jitsu. I do have a problem about doing the Rio Open, as I have no BJJ team from the UK, as I don’t train in England, so hopefully I can overcome this and smash the Rio Open as a purple belt (or brown if I get it before).


Went to the botanical garden the other day with Christie, Brigette, Justin, and Kru Toy. It was awesome, very different to the beaches and city I have been used to here and a really nice bunch I went with as well.


I am going to leave you with a motivational speach for life/training, that I made to help me get through the tough spots in life and training. I hope you all enjoy!/note.php?note_id=388457237184

Peace and love, Mad Jack "The Hat" Magee

If it ain’t mad, it ain’t Jack

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