Connection Rio – June 8th, 2010 (full house update)

Well the house is full and really lively. The arrival of Gerbil (some of you may know him from his sherdog thread), Nial, Bridget, Kathy I AM TRULY SORRY ITS NOT KATHY ITS Christie (very sorry) , the New Zealand couple, and Pierce has given us a full house and looks to be a good one. With my other knee on the mend and me training around it, I’m getting closer to my 6 week training camp for my MMA fight at Jungle Fight. My Muay Thai classes have started generating some income with a few privates here and there. The weather has become a lot colder now (Brazil’s winter is beginning) and even though the training is easier, the mornings have become hard to get out of my warm bed. Kinda like when I was a kid getting up for school, except I love training and hated school (as you can tell by my spelling).



On another subject, I would really like to get some feedback on what you want to hear about and any advice you want about training, traveling, and other stuff I’m good at, so feel free to give me feedback.

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