Connection Rio – May 14th, 2010 Update – No Distractions

Just an update on a few things that are going on. Firstly (and I’m knocking on wood as I type), my knee is good and I’m back training on the squad. The departure of Mike and Dave has left our side of the house empty, so the latest arrival Anthony, has been given a bed. Also, kickboxer Danielle Ackerman from Holland is here to brush up on her tan and BJJ and Anthony is training hard and promises not to be a pussy. Already he has proved he’s serious by landing at 10 and training at 12, straight off an 18 hour flight ……………good job. Nev and Joe are working hard on there last two months here, trying to get the most out of the trip. At the acadamy, Ze Carioca has been awarded his brown belt after being placed 2nd in the Brasiliaros (not sure bout the spelling).


With no distractions and not wanting to party anymore, it’s down to some hardcore training, back to sprinting up to the waterfall at Pedra Guava, 50 kicks, 50 takedowns, 2-3 classes a day, and the park work out  (as seen in the embeded video above)


Off to training now, enjoy the vids add me on twitter and my fan page @!/group.php?gid=145159546285&ref=ts

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