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hey peps, been almost 2 weeks since my last blog and things wernt good on the training front for me, a small cut on the finger turned infected and swelled up i used a knife to cut it open to releive some pressure and it got worse suppose thats why doctors have jobs, but after taking a course of anti biotics its looking better and im hoping to be training this week, on the other i  have been down the beach a lot working on my tan and i think im changing my ethenticity to ”tanned”. the worse think about being injured this time is that its so small and just the tip of my finger and yet i cant train,  oh well its on the mend. the good thing is iv had time to teach privates and help others out with there training, even tho i would prefer to be the one training some times life leaves you no choice.


we also have some ne people in the house this week, lee write a guy who trains in my old gym ZT fight skool, hes a nice guy only here to train and having hurt his knee just befor comming out it looks like it will be a very technical trip, also we have robert who is here for training and going out he lives in japan and is from manchester and there is carl fisher a reporter from england who is out here as it was on his bucket list as things to do before your 40.


this blog is gonna be a small one as im not doing nothing fun but  i will leave you with a funny story that took place in a restarant called fronteria. So me niall, tommy and sam are having all you can eat pizza wen sam takes a lil trip to the boys room, i decide to fill his crep up with mustard, a few watrisess saw us do this and it attracted there attention, so we wait for him to come down and he puts the rest of the crep in his mouth, oh i forgot to mention this was a dessert crep and ment to be full of chocolate, now same is chewing on it and not looking well, due to the fact he has everyone including the staff looking at him he acctually eats it, while we are laughing so much, tommy who has ate 17 pizza slices threw up and had to run up stairs to vomit shortly followed by sam. It was a funny meal.


ill leave you with that enjoy your training


if it aint mad it aint jack


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