Conor McGregor: Gone For Good?

Conor McGregor sent out a cryptic tweet early today announcing his retirement. Everyone, including Joe Rogan, thought it was the Featherweight champion trolling. Unfortunately, it is true. He has been pulled from UFC 200 rematch with Nate Diaz, did not want to come out to film promotional footage, has not been training in Las Vegas like his last few fights and seems all but set to retire.

This leaves a lot of unfinished business as Jose Aldo was dying for a rematch, but at least now he can try to reclaim his title in his match with Frankie Edgar which is a lot better than fighting for an interim title. It frees up Max Holloway for his title shot as next in line since the winner will not have to face McGregor. There is no more shouting, ranting and raving about being a two time division champion.

One has to wonder what prompted the move though. Could it be his training partner that just died in the ring?Could his fame lead him to other avenues of money making that do not have him putting it his body on the line? Is he ready to settle down with his long time girlfriend and start popping out baby McGregors? Or does he just not have the taste for fighting anymore after losing to Diaz?

Only Conor knows but it is a big upset to the promotion who has never had a star quite on his level this fast despite what anyone else has to say. With Rouse maybe coming back in November, GSP nearing mid-30s and having no sing of a return. Jon Jones still struggling to connect with fans after recent incident, a muddled Heavyweight picture and no real champion that can draw, they may be looking to the women’s season of tub coming up to help promote the Strawweight division as in my opinion either woman could be a huge international star.

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