Couple of Online Videos

Sorry to have been tardy latelyBeing on the road and running in a million different directions will do that to you. We’ve got lots of video to sort through from the events at the tail end of 2004 and it it will all be online soon (well, before 2005 at least)

In the meantime enjoy these videos!

First up, our good friend Filipe Gimenes sent us this clip in Windows Media Format from a match he had in Cuiaba, Brazil! Nice work Filipe!

Secondly, here is a highlight film of Jason Chambers, brown belt under Eddie Bravo, that has been making the round on the internet. (It was actually on the servers for quite some time before I got around to putting it here). Definitely worth a look

Lastly, here is a preview of our latest project, (which will be available in about a week or so). Are you as excited as we are?

Remember, if you have a video or highlight you’d like to share with the world we’re always happy to host it for you! Submit your video through our link at or contact us for file size larger than 2MB!

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