Custom Wolverine Rash Guard

For those of you that do not know, Eddie Bravo put on a competition the same time as the Mundials. It was a submission only tournament for high level No-Gi grapplers and one of the best Americans Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) grapplers took second int he 145 pound division of the tournament, and that BJJ grappler was none other than Jeff Glover himself. How did he get that far in the Eddie Bravo Invitational? Well, it took amazing technique, but he also had one of the sickest custom rash guards, and that rash guard can now be part of your collection for a limited time. With this limited edition Wolverine rash guard you can tear through the competition just like Jeff Glover.

This rash guard was created by some of the best in the business with On The Mat (OTM) using their full de sublimation to add the yellow and black color scheme to the rash guard itself. No one else besides OTM would be able to make a rash guard that looks like it has chest hair on it that is easily a distinguishable characteristic of the Marvel super hero Wolverine. The ability to full dye sublimate allows OTM to put all the colors they need for the rash guard into the gear with one pass. This creates a bond between the ink and the fabric that makes it last a lot longer than most other gear. You will not have to worry about fading, peeling, or wearing out that you see with a lot of other Mixed Martial Arts brands rash guards.

OTM has been in the business of making MMA and BJJ gear for nearly twenty years and that is why they know how to make such high quality gear themselves. The three letters that spell OTM are emblazoned on the front of the rash guard, because there is no way you could mistake their style but just in case there is no question left. This is a short sleeve rash guard for those that do like long sleeves though, but if you do like long sleeves this will still be the on for you. This rash guard is so original that anyone that sees it instantly will want it, so maybe you can win a match in competition just by someone being so jealous of you hear they do not notice you slipping a choke around their neck.

This is not the only custom gear that OTM has been pumping out lately, but it is one of the only ones that you can own for yourself. So, if you want to look original on the mat then it is you time to take the pre-order offer and get one of your own Wolverine rash guards for yourself before they are gone and you have missed your chance.


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