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Get your own gear at www.Dakine.comI don`t personally review too many products on the site. But! This one I love so much that I have to let you guys know how I feel.

I have traveled the world and gone threw a million different pieces of luggage. I have had the super high end hi dollar Tumi stuff and it is good stuff, but Dakine stuff is better!

Here`s why, the bags are rock solid. They can take so much abuse. Do you have any idea what those plane apes can do to your bags? Throwing your bag by one handle right off the end of the runway. Those apes have killed two of my computers and many bags. What about the security monkeys that swing on your zippers and jump around in your bags searching for terrorists? One time at JFK a security monkey ripped the zipper right off my bag after trying to stuff all my gear back in my bag. I almost killed her. I had to now run to the gate with a torn open bag! Ever notice they cannot remember the order they took your stuff out? Dam monkeys no treats, zap zap. Bad bad.

I have been all over the world the last year with my Dakine gear and it is bullet proof a must for any traveler.

So you don`t travel much. Well, now I am going to tell you the best part about Dakine bags. They are custom made for us Fighters. Dakine is a huge company that makes bags for about ever sport you would want to do including snowboarding, surfing, skating, Jiu Jitsu, and more. Yes, jiu jitsu they make bags with special gi sections. That way your stinky ass nasty gi will not ruin everything else in your bag. You ever train and have to keep your street gear or work clothes in the same bag. Even 5 seconds in they are going to stink all day long. Or, how about your clothes in the same bag after a weekend at Grapplers Quest West! You know you need party gear and fight gear but who wants to take two bags for one weekend in Vegas? These bags have an extra side sections. This extra section was originally for wetsuits. So it is waterproof and nasty stinky proof! I know I tested it with my Lucky Gi! It is easy to clean with some disinfectants too.

Check these bags out at www.Dakine.com and check their store locator to find a dealer near you. Oh ya that ‘s right we don`t even sell the stuff just love it!

Here is what the boys got to say about Dakine bags.

“Dakine stuff kicks ass. I have no idea how I logged on my thousands of miles of roadtrips before I got my Dakine bag, but it makes travelling from show to show a lot easier (now if only they would make a camera bad, hint, hint)”


“After tearing through 4 gear bags my friend Eddie Talbert of E.T. Surfboards talked me into the Dakine Duffle with the wet/dry compartment. It hassurvived longer than the four others put together, has compartments galore and it looks sweet!”

Ryan Gregg

“I became aware of the Dakine line of products from a visit of OnTheMat.com. As a professional photographer I need to travel with lots of gear. With the Dakine split -convertible I can easily get around the 50lbs per bag limit that many air carriers impose for checked luggage. I save the cost of the bag many times over just in dodging over-weight luggage fees. Also add to the fact that they are well made and convenient to use make for a great value.”

Eric Zippe

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