Dana okays Gracie Breakdown of The Twister


Rener Gracie to Dana White

the Gracie Breakdowns were intended to educate #UFC fans. What can we do to make it work?


Dana White to Rener Gracie

just landed in chicago. I just followed u. Dm me with ur number and let’s talk.

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Read entire twitter… (Rener Gracie)

"When you go out and you get on a YouTube or one of these huge portals where you can download content and show content – if you use copyrighted material, we’ve spent lots of money to make sure there are people out there that take that stuff down," White told MMAjunkie.com.

"I’ve got nothing against these kids. I don’t even know these kids. I reached out to [Rener] on Twitter and said, ‘Give me your number and I’ll give you a buzz. Maybe there’s something we can work out.’ But you can’t just go use people’s footage and make your own videos."

"We just did a documentary called ‘Ultimate Royce Gracie,’ and we paid a lot of money to license that footage from Rorion. And he was very aggressive and very stern in how he wanted his footage to be used. ‘You can show it X amount of times, and then you owe me more money. And if you do this, you  owe me money for that, too.’ Their father does the same exact thing with his footage of the Gracies.

"When you look at what’s going on with Justin.tv and all these other sites, the responsible sites like a YouTube go through and police what’s on their website. They’re not going to let people go in there and infringe. It’s not the UFC calling up and going, F— the Gracies. Pull that s— down.’"

"They used the UFC footage and just like anybody does, it gets taken down."

"This whole thing is ridiculous. It’s a bunch of Internet goofballs on those [expletive] chat rooms saying, ‘Oh God, look what they did,’ and all this stupid talk of how we’re policing everything we do. Of course we do. We’re a major sports league just like any other sports league."

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