Dana White: “N.Y., stop fighting this sport: Mixed martial arts is safe — and our economy needs the kick”


Photo via UFC: GSP delivers a head kick to Matt Hughes during their bout on Dec. 29, 2011. Video source: MMAWeekly


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New York is one of three remaining U.S. states yet to legalize Mixed Martial Arts bouts. UFC president Dana White is hoping he can help persuade voters and politicians to change their minds. This Monday, White wrote an op-ed post in the New York Daily News which urged voters as well as the state Assembly to pass a bill that would regulate MMA events in the state. In the post, White highlighted how the rules of the sport have dramatically improved throughout the years and presented the positive economic benefits if legalization was allowed.


On Monday, the same day White penned his op-ed, the New York Assembly Codes Committee voted to pass the bill with a vote of 17-3. In May, the NY senate passed the bill by a 42-18 vote and last week, the Assembly sub-committee on tourism overwhelmingly voted in favor. The next step is for the bill to be voted on by the Ways and Means Committee, scheduled for Monday, June 20.


Yesterday, YYN News in New York reported “If it’s (the bill) not voted on by Monday, that likely means – at least for this year – MMA’s once again, down for the count.”



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