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WRESTLING FOR NHB IT’S AS EASY AS 9-7-5 The reason for my new DVD series is¦.Every wrestler in NHB has a technique DVD series with miles and miles of, shit that works for NHB, and shit that doesn’t work for NHB…Even I have a couple floating around out there. One video series that I made three years ago when I first got into NHB and a second that I made a year ago while I was developing my new system.

My new DVD is a system that I’ve been designing for the past two years. It took a lot of time, trial and error to come up with this method of teaching wrestling for NHB. When my Top Team athletes started taking down Olympic wrestlers… Silver medalist Matt Lindland, and two-time Olympian Dan Henderson, to name a few…I couldn’t wait to share my secrets with other fellow NHB enthusiast.

This new DVD series is designed not only for people who want to learn wrestling for NHB, but also for trainers like myself who want to teach wrestling for NHB fighting to their students. This new DVD series is not just techniques, but a simplified organizational step-by-step method of teaching, and learning wrestling for NHB fighting. After teaching wrestling to Top Team athletes and others like Sholin, Vitor Belfort, Arona, and Daniel Mories and studying hundreds and hundreds of NHB fights, I came up with this new system that lets an athlete know what techniques he should start with and which ones to finish with. Which techniques have proven to be most effective in NHB fighting, and others that only work for collegiate and Olympic style wrestling. I then demonstrate ways to defend against these same takedowns when ones opponent executes them. This DVD series also comes with exercises and drills, an athlete can practice daily to improve his takedowns and defenses to takedowns. My new system for teaching wrestling for NHB fighters is a kind of wrestling-by-numbers, if I may. It’s a map full of shortcuts to learning wrestling quickly and more importantly effectively, for NHB fighters.

Good Luck Champs,

Darrel Gholar

Not all wrestling works in the Octagon! What does work are the techniques that you are about to learn on these DVDs.

The 7-9-5’s of Wrestling. – The 7 basic wrestling control points and how to set them up. – The 9 most basic takedowns used in collegiate and Olympic wrestling. The 9 defenses against these nine takedowns. – The 5 basic takedowns that have been proven to be most effective in no holds-barred-fighting. The 5 best defenses against these takedowns.

Also on the DVDs. – Drills for takedowns, defenses, set ups, speed and power. – Interview & Training tips

This Instructional was designed SPECIFICALLY for DVD and tooks full advantage chpater search and menu selection so it is easy to pinpoint the exact technique you want to work on. Double Sided, Region Free Pressed DVD has well over 3 hours of material on Sides A and B.

Brought to you by the OntheMat guys, who in addition to being cool guys and business men, primarily spend most of their time, well, on the mat. Scotty has been training with Darrel Gholar well over one year now, and what went on these DVDs is stuff we’d use ourselves without any filler. It took OTM quite some time to produce these series and our first DVD because as both businessmen and practitioners we were concerned about everything being absolutely perfect

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