DATM: Spotlight on Pacific Martial Arts

The battle for Fresno is over. The battle for Fresno is over. Cole Escovedo, “The Apache Kid” was victorious over Phil Perez in the latest WEC, World Extreme Cage Fighting. Both fighters displayed incredible courage and a great amount of respect for each other. As the final moments of the fight ended, with Phil tapping from Cole`s triangle, A new 145lb champion emerged, lifting his humbled opponent to his feet. An ecstatic crowd erupted with waves of cheer and excitement. Cole, showing his warrior spirit once again, commented on accomplishing his goals, relating it to the crowd he stated that anyone can make their goals come true and that he was proof. A mixture of honor and spirit resides in this champion and this is only the beginning. Cole had an early start in martial arts, as do most who reach a level of excellence. He started with Matt Smith at Pacific Martial arts and to this day is won of the most accomplished athletes to train there. The school offers a wide range of programs ranging from martial arts for kids to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. They also have qualified instructors in Muay Thai, Boxing, Judo, Kendo, Karate, Wrestling, Aikido, and Escrima. Their instructors range from Jennifer Alcorn, a well known boxer with an undefeated record, and her husband Brad Alcorn, to Yia Moua who is also a champion but of Muay Thai and has a very impressive professional record.

If you want the stand up aspect of fighting, they have it. If you want the ground, they have a wide range of that too, and from what I hear their Jiu Jitsu instructor isn’t too bad! The bottom line is that schools like these that combine many varieties of training, with authentic representation of those arts, are leading the way through the process of creating an all around fighter. Or even if you are just looking to get into shape while enjoying yourself with a proper choice in martial arts and you live in Fresno, then look no further. A friendly atmosphere mixed with hardcore training is what you will find.

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