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From the Mouth of MMA EuropeCan we start with your recent trip to LA, at the Pan Ams?

Yes, I won my first fight with an arm bar and I lost the second fight to advantage; I was in the -85K purple belt division. I don`t remember the guys names but they were both Americans and I lost the second fight, the guy tried to flip me and I stopped the flip, but he got the advantage.

Were you pleased with the outcome?

Yes I was pretty pleased, as I had not fought BJJ for about six months and Rickard won the brown belt masters division, which was very impressive and we had a few other guys who did well taking second place in their weight division.

Was this the first time in LA?

Yes it was, it was kinda like the Mundials you know, lots of people there eight mats on the go and a great buzz to be fighting there in front of so many people – we had a great time, it was my first time there and we stayed the first night in Beverly Hills and the other nights we stayed in Santa Barbara.

Did you manage to get any training in whilst you were there?

No we just competed.

Any more BJJ comps lined up?

I don`t know yet, maybe the Mundials I am not sure; Rickard will be going there and a couple of other guys.

How many comps have you done this year?

I was in the ADCC Qualifiers in January in Finland, the Shooto Cold War, Exhale BJJ in Vasteras and the Pan Ams. I came third in the ADCC event, I beat Jess Liaudin first match with kimura, second fight with Yka Leino and lost on advantage. Then I fought Martijn De Jong and put him in a triangle within a minute.

The Scandinavians have done well this year in Sao Paulo, especially Jon Einemo; how do you feel about the progression of the Nordic fighters?

I think it`s very good and am very pleased for Einemo, what can you say about the guy, he beat some top names out there and still only a purple belt.

How many VT fights have you done?

The first one was in Finnfight 5 against Arben Latifi, a pretty god fight but I didn`t have too much time to prepare as I was sick, so my cardio wasn`t the best – he won on judge`s decision and one of my hardest fights. The second was this year at Shooto Cold War, the guy was a Thai champion and I won with TKO in one and a half minutes.

Any more Shooto fights planned?

Yes I hope so, I really like to fight in Shooto over BJJ and I am trying to talk to Marko Leisten to fix me up with something and maybe fight some Superfights – Joachim Hansen has opened the door I think to the guys back here with his great wins over the last few months.

Would you like to fight in the UK?

Yes I would; I like the single fights and concentrate on one fight, maybe a Superfight aand see how good the English are (laughs).

Well I will leave it there David, thanks for the time

Thank you

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