Day 2 of ADCC 2011: Live play-by-play results from Sunday’s Semifinal & Final Match-ups

Day 2 of ADCC 2011: Semifinal & Final Match-ups

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Recap of ADCC 2011 Champions:

Under 66 kg: Rafael Mendes

Under 77 kg: Marcelo Garcia

Under 88 kg: André Galvão

Under 99 kg: Dean Lister

Over 99 kg: Vinny Magalhaes

Over 66 kg women: Gabi Garcia

Under 66 kg women: Kyra Gracie

SATURDAY Super Fight: Braulio Estima defeats Jacare via points (3-0) for taking the back. 

MEN’S Divisions/by weight play-by-play

 Under 66 kg Semifinals:

Rafael Mendes X Robson Moura

-Rafa looks for pass early on, gets to guard and looks for armlock, he’s back on top and passes Robson’s guard once more. Rafa advances with a win on points.


Cobrinha X Jeff Glover

– Cobrinha defeats Jeff Glover on points, Glover to face Robson Moura for Bronze, Cobrina to face Mendes in under 67 kg finals



Not surprisingly, the two carry on in a foot attack battle. Mendes looking for knee bar as Cobrinha stays on top. Mendes earns championship win due to a negative point given to Cobrinha early on for jumping guard.


Men’s -66 kg Champion is Rafael Mendes.


Bronze: Glover X Moura

Jeff Glover slaps on tight guillotine from guard and wins bronze at under 66kg!


Under 77 kg Semifinals:

Marcelo Garcia X Kron Gracie

– Kron makes guard, Marcelo passes, but Kron recovers to his guard. Gurgel in corner for Marcelo, Kron’s father Rickson is coaching Kron. Marcelo looking to pass Kron’s guard. Kron sets up omaplata, but Marcelo shakes it off, they both come to feet. Kron goes for guillotine, its on tight but Marcelo escapes and takes win on points.


Calasans X Leo Vieira

-Leo Vieira takes back of Calasans with a win by points, Vieira will head to finals.



Marcelo submits Leo Viera via triangle.


Men’s -77 kg Champion is Marcelo Garcia.


Bronze: Kron x Calasans

– Kron Gracie guillotines Calasans in overtime for bronze win at under 77kg division


Under 88 kg Semifinals:
Toquinho X Lovato

– Toquinho submits Lovato with a heelhook. Will face Galvao in Finals.

Andre Galvão X Pablo Popovitch

– Andre Galvão rushes Pablo Popovitch and finishes the single leg takedown as they head out of bounds. Galvao advances on points.



Galvao stays safe of Toquinho’s knee/foot attacks, delivers takedown and takes back the of Toquinho. Galvao wins championship by 8-2 on points.


Men’s -88 kg Champion is Andre Galvao



Bronze: Lovato X Popovich

-Lovato enters match injured from fight with Toquinho. Popovich very sportsmanlike and defeats Lovato by points for bronze.


Under 99 kg Semifinals:
Xande Ribeiro X João Asis

-Xande ends in top ½ of Asis, tries to maintain top position and take the arm of Asis. Asis looks to explode out and Xande looks for arm lock. Asis able to escape and ends up on top, he takes the back of Xande. Time ends with Asis looking for RNC.

Rodolfo Vieira X Dean Lister

– Lister finishes Vieira with inside heel hook within first few minutes, Rodolfo appears injured (holds ribs at end of match).


FINALS Asis X Lister

-Lister heel hooks Asis for gold.


Men’s -99 kg Champion is Dean Lister.


Bronze: (Peinado fills in for Rodolfo, who has a rib injury) X Xande

After lengthy match and overtime, Xande takes the win on points for the bronze.


Over 99 kg Semifinals:
Fabricio Werdum X Roberto Cyborg

– After a tough match and aggressive match between the two, Fabricio Werdum defeats Cyborg on points. Werdum to compete in finals for third championship.

Vinny Magalhaes X Gerardi Rinaldi

-Rinaldi the aggressor. Staying away from danger of Magalhaes. Vinny makes gamble with sitting to guard, it pays off. Vinny looking to climb up back of Rinaldi, he has both hooks in and looking for neck. Rinaldi able to escape, but down on points.  Vinny wins on points.


FINALS: Werdum X Magalhaes

-Vinny has to defend against  adeep armbar from Werdum, and wins gold on points (2-0) via sweep!


Men’s +99 kg Champion is Vinny Magalhaes


Bronze: Rinaldi X Cyborg

-Rinaldi defeats Cyborg.


WOMEN’S Divisions play-by-play


Under 60 kg

Luanna Alzuguir vs. Michelle Nicolini           

-They play in Luanna’s guard, Luanna ladders up and lifts up Nicolini, Michelle looks to sweep and puts on a punch triangle, looking to bring arm across or kimura. Luanna escapes Michelle’s guard and they end up in Michelle’s open guard. Michelle pulls guard and goes for the foot, then takes Luanna’s back. At this point, Michelle vs Luanna is tied 2-2. After ref decision, Michelle Nicolini wins! She advances to face Kyra in finals.


Kyra Gracie vs. Hashi Takayo

-Kyra jumps triangle. Kyra attacks the omoplata and sweeps. Kyra Gracie submits Takayo via guillotine choke & advances to finals, will face winner of Luanna/Michelle.



-The match is mostly spent in Nicolini’s closed guard. Nicolini able to put on two separate deep armbars, which Kyra defense with superior technique and heart. Nicolini takes down Kyra, but Kyra able to gain top position, and transition to omaplata. Kyra wins via omaplata.


Women’s -60 kg Champion is Kyra Gracie


Bronze: Luanna Alzuguir X Takayo

-Luanna armbars Takayo for bronze win.


Over 60 kg

Gabi Garcia vs. Penny Thomas

-Penny shoots, but ends up in bottom ½ guard with Gabi holding Penny in Guillotine. Penny gets out of ½ guard, but Gabi now at side control looking for her usual Americana. Gabi submits Penny via triangle.


Ida Hanson vs. Hannette Staack

– Hanette sweeps to top ½ guard, clean transition to mount, with Ida’s arm trapped, walking the arm up for an armlock or armchoke. Hanette takes Ida’s Back. Hanette dominates and wins on points.



– Hanette looks for leg, but comes up short and resorts to turtle. Gabi looking to attack on top. Hannette pulls deep half on Gabi, Gabi cross faces Hanette and looks to edge up to mount. Hannette looks for leg, but comes up short and resorts to turtle. Gabi looking to attack on top. Hanette Staack withstanding Gabi Garcia’s attempts to mount and americana her, their match continues to go the distance into overtime. After impressive defenses by Hanette, Gabi wins first title at ADCC with 2-0.


Women’s +60 kg Champion is Gabi Garcia


Bronze medal match: Penny Thomas vs. Ida Hansson

-Ida Hansson takes win on points/early stoppage due to Penny Thomas injury.


ADCC Prize Money Allocation


All Men’s Divisions/by Weight Class:  

First:     $10,000.00

Second:     $5,000.00

Third:     $3,000.00

Fourth:     $1,000.00


Absolute Weight Class (Any Weight):  

First:     $40,000.00

Second:     $10,000.00

Third:     $5,000.00

Fourth:     $1,000.00


Super Fight:

Winner:  $40,000

Loser:  $10,000



Best Technique:     $1,400.00

Best Takedown:     $1,400.00

Fastest Submission:     $1,400.00

Best Fight of Competition:     $1,400.00

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