Dengue Fever

Filmed over the summer of 2002 in Rio de Janeiro in this video OTM shows you what Rio has to offer from baddest fighters to best asses.Dengue Fever – Issue 4

Filmed over the summer of 2002 in Rio de Janeiro in this video OTM shows you what Rio has to offer from baddest fighters to best asses.

Ever wonder what a summer in Rio is like? Well we hit the beach and every competition we could take a bus to or find a ride to. Now you can enjoy a summer in Rio in your own living room. Just make sure the kids are sleeping and you old lady is not around. Warning! Dengue Fever is contagious! This tape may make you revaluate your life and come join us for the fun!

There are so many event is Rio you can go to one almost every weekend. Trouble is finding them and getting there. Rio is huge so with out car it can get pretty scary going from bus to bus with $5k in gear hidden in you bags. Once you have been to a few of these events you start seeing the same guys over & over again and they are winning again & again. This is where guys like Margarida and Terere come from. We never hear about them in the USA but everyone here know of them. Well we got those new up and coming superstars here for ya. So if you see some names on the list below you don’t know these are the guys to watch. Remember you saw them as purple’s and browns On the Mat first!

The fever was delayed numerous times because of technical difficulties & equipment failures. FedEx Brazil tried to screw us and then the Brazilian Customs agents attempted to steal Scotty’s camera. Extended warenties seem useless on Sony products they failed to repair Scotty’s camera in a timely manner and then at all. Jackasses!

But the OTM crew would not let Dengue Fever be stopped! It was much to importenat for everyone everywhere. So the fever is finally done and can be enjoyed by you and your mature friends. Kids under 18 not advised.

Here is what the tape features:

A tour of Gracie Camp,

Fight footage of Jaceré from Oswaldo Alves,

2 Jiu Jitsu vs Luta Livra Challenge Matches w/ Daniel Morais

2 Matches featuring Nino protege Largarto,

Shaolin vs Bruno Fernandes,

2 Fights of Tales Leite of Nova Uniao,

Felipe Leonii the new bread from Brazilian Top Team

A demonstration of Ginastica Natural by Alvaro Romano.

Rodrigo Bomba – Roletta’s top guy putting the smack down.

Canada’s own Kid Red in a No Gi match from the finals of Sao Joao da Barra Submission Wrestling tournament

Feranado Terere from Alliance bringing the Pain

Guard master Pe de Pano from Gracie Barra

Rafael ‘Formiga’ Barbosa from Brazilian Top Team.

15 Fights in all and a whole lot more juicy stuff!

A tour of Centaurus and Loads & Loads of Beach Hotties!!!

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