Distak presents new promise up to 93 kg, the “giant Daileon”

 After taking Ronaldo Jacare and Rafael Feijao to the achievements of the Strikeforce titles, Josuel Distak revealed that has been working with a strong athlete who promises to be a revelation up to 93 kg, the black belt of Jiu-Jitsu, Ricardo Demente.


"Ricardo Demente will be the new revelation", he said, "I always like to repeat that back when all criticized, said that Rafael Feijao would never be world champion. Rafael Feijao today is World Champion. Today I can tell you that the world will see a new champion of Brazil, Ricardo Demente, “The Giant Daileon”. It’s the strongest guy in the universe. I’ve never seen a guy as hard as him".


Distak guarantees that Demente will surprise everyone when making his MMA debut.


"He is already training on foot, learning to kick and punch. This is just for the premiere of it. The premiere of the Giant Daileon will be up to 93 kg, the event is still surprised, but I can guarantee he will shock the world".

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