Dr. Peter Goldman has opened an office in the city of San Francisco.

Dr. Pete has been working with many fighters for years on over coming injuries and preventing them. He has trained for years so he is quite aware of the types of injuries caused by training, how to heal them and how to prevent them.Dr. Peter Goldman has opened an office in the city of San Francisco.Long known as the “Chiropractor to the MMA and BJJ stars”, Dr. Goldmanhas worked with BJ Penn, Bas Rutten, Rigan and John Machado, RobKaman, Kenny Florian, Jake Shields, Eddie Bravo, Joe Rogan, CharutoVerissimo, Pete “The Greek” Letsos, Alberto Crane, and many many moretop BJJ and MMA fighters. Patients travel from all over the world toCalifornia to see Dr. Goldman. Many patients will come to Californiafor the sole reason of being seen by Dr. Goldman.

Dr. Goldman still maintains his Los Angeles office and goes to L.A.every Wednesday to see his patients there. Along with the powerfulZone Healing technique that he is a master of, one of the things thatmakes Dr. Goldman so good with fighters is his own martial artsexperience. He holds a black belt in Oyama Full Contact Karate(Kyokushin) from Soshu Oyama who was Mas Oyama’s top student. Dr.Goldman competed on a world class level in Full Contact Karate in theearly 1990’s around the USA and in Europe. He has also trained ThaiBoxing in Thailand as well as boxing. He has been training regularlyin Brazilian Jiu Jitsu since 2002.

To make an appointment and for more info go to http://WWW.SFGOLDMAN.COM

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