Dr. Peter Goldman – Shawn Fanning’s Secret Weapon

By Michael Ellison

Dr. Peter Goldman is not your standard chiropractor. His clients have included world class jiu jitsu champions, MMA fighters, NFL quarterbacks, as well as many of the who’s who of Silicon Valley. In late December, I had the opportunity to sit down with “Dr. Pete” at the headquarters of Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker’s new stealth startup, Airtime, and meet one of his most devoted clients.


Michael Ellison: Dr. Pete, what type of chiropractor are you?

Dr. Peter Goldman: There are a few different types of chiropractors. The first category pretty much just work on neck and back pain. Second are ones that can help with more than neck and back pain but they don’t do it with their hands. They use things like herbs and acupuncture, and maybe a little chiropractic mixed in. Third is a small group that helps people with most anything with just our hands. I’m not gonna give you any herbs, put any needles in you, I’m going to use my hands only on you and the whole thing is gonna take 2 minutes.

Michael Ellison: Shawn, what exactly does Dr. Pete do for you?

Shawn Fanning: What he does is … it’s almost profound to the point of being … of you having to really tone it down in order to make it palatable. It sounds a little bit crazy, like he’s Jesus walking around tapping people on the head, but I’ve seen enough happen with him at this point to be thoroughly convinced that it works.

You know that really relaxed creative zone – what he does really does put you in that zone. Ever meditated? What he does produces a very similar feeling, a very creative state.

Michael Ellison: Dr. Pete, is what you do holistic healing?

Dr. Peter Goldman: A lot of people are looking for what they call a holistic practitioner. The word holistic is very often misused because holistic healing means all aspects of the person are addressed – body, mind, soul, or physical, mental, and spiritual. Many people say holistic, but they actually just mean natural physical healing. Yes, what I do is true holistic healing.

Michael Ellison: Shawn, what prompted you to seek Dr. Pete out in the first place?

Shawn Fanning: Went to him because my sciatic nerve was causing a lot of problems. I was in pretty rough shape. I didn’t realize… was working a lot, completely just pushing myself to the limits and didn’t realize how far I’d gone.

Michael Ellison: Dr. Pete, how much of what unbalances the body in the first place is physical and how much is metaphysical?

Dr. Peter Goldman: 90 something percent metaphysical. People say, look at that person – they’re just accident prone – how could you say that’s metaphysical? What about the little kid – who never got any attention unless they were hurt? What if the parents were just neglectful? The one time the kid gets attention is when they’re hurt. Now that person is a 25 year old person but they’re still going through their life with that same concept and they’re expressing being "accident-prone". Their injuries in this sense, are metaphysically caused.

Michael Ellison: Shawn, how did you hear about Dr. Pete?

Shawn Fanning: I had been training jiu jitsu and boxing with a friend of mine who became pretty good friends with Pete and was training with him and getting adjusted by him. He told me about the work he was doing with a couple other guys he was training like the quarterback for the Raiders. I was consistently hearing about the work he was doing helping people who were bedridden and who had all types of problems. I was hearing about an unusually diverse set of problems that he seemed to consistently be addressing so his credibility was already high from that.

Michael Ellison: Dr. Pete, what do you do in a standard visit?

Dr. Peter Goldman: On the first visit, when the patient comes in, they explain to me what they want. Some say – I’ve had headaches for 10 years and I still have my headaches I want to address those.

I do a something called the zone technique created by Dr. Thurman Fleet in 1931. He correlated certain points on the skull to different systems of the body. Checking these points helps to determine which systems of the body are not balanced. When you go to anyone, any doctor, they’re trying to find out what’s happening in your body. Some may take an X-ray or a blood test to figure it out. The way I determine this is I feel these points on the back of the head and the different points relate to the 6 major systems of the body: the glandular system, the eliminative system (everything that eliminates your toxins), your nervous system, your digestive system, your muscle system, and your circulatory system. Any problems someone can have in their body will fall into the category of an imbalance in one or more of those 6 systems.

A lot of people don’t realize that I might be able to help them with more stuff – they just come and tell me that their neck hurts – but when I feel the back of their head and for example I tell them that I can see that their digestion needs balancing, they are like, wow, you are right, my digestion does need improvement, then we go to work. Pretty soon, their neck feels great and their digestive system is working better than ever.

Michael Ellison: Shawn, what was your first visit like with him?

Shawn Fanning: When I went to Pete I was expecting to get this one problem addressed but when he adjusted my neck it was the most profound response. I had about a year of anxiety that had built up and I could barely move my neck. There was so much tension there it was something that… and Pete talks about this a lot… you get a lot of emotional trauma to the body. It’s not necessarily physically painful so people don’t think it’s really a problem that needs to be addressed.

The truth is, a lot of that stuff and the symptoms we experience can be the result of the trauma. But you have a bone that’s out of place that’s related to the nerves in the same part of the body so you feel the effects of it but not exactly the pain. With Pete, it wasn’t just a physical change, it was an emotional change as well.

The thing that goes through anybody’s brain when you go into any situation like this is, “well it always sounds too good to be true and if it works, why doesn’t everybody else do this?” The truth is, with his stuff, it works. It is effective and is fast and he does it in a few minutes.

Michael Ellison: Dr. Pete, can you say more about how you affect your patients’ mental states?

Dr. Peter Goldman: The nature of the mind is very chaotic and the nature of the mind on some level is to create and solve problems – all negative stuff. For people who are really evolved and happy, it’s not that their mind is calm, their mind is as chaotic as anybody else’s but they have a good relationship with their mind and their thoughts. The Dalai Lama, his mind is the same as everyone’s – but he has a good relationship with his mind. The mind from when you wake up to when you go to sleep can be filled with negative thoughts but it’s good to have some good baseline images of what you want in your life.

Michael Ellison: What do you mean by baseline images?

Dr. Peter Goldman: What do you want? What are your goals that are positive and logical? Make a list of them. Read that every night, couple times a day, start accepting that, start expecting that, and then even in the day when your mind is going haywire it won’t affect you because you have that foundational baseline of your images. If you don’t have those images you’re like a boat without a rudder and the craziness of the mind can mess you up. Images – your goals – are what you want to accomplish, what you want in your life. Write them down, list them and concentrate on them and expect them and next thing you know they start manifesting in your life. This is a part of the solution.

Michael Ellison: Why have you attracted such a stellar cast of clients?

Dr. Peter Goldman: Shawn Fanning obviously has resources to see whoever he wants but he likes results and he’s smart and that’s what I deliver. Fact is, I’m sincere, and I want people to heal. People feel the vibration of sincerity and I want my patients to get better and that’s why I do it – I love seeing my patients get better.

Michael Ellison: One last question, what’s next for you?

Dr. Peter Goldman: I have some ideas to take this to more of a world-wide level. It’s already on a world-wide level to a degree because I do have people who contact me from other countries and states and they’re coming to see me. They come here to see me – they have no other reason to be here – and I work on them. It’s already a worldwide phenomenon to a degree and I have some ideas on bringing this to a worldwide level in a more efficient way. We’re still working on the details.

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