Dudu Dantas waiting for a call to fight overseas!

 South American champion of Shooto up to 60kg, Dudu Dantas spoke with us on his expectations for 2011. The black belt from Nova União revealed he is expecting an invitation to fight outside of Brazil.


"I’m waiting for the opportunity to fight a good event abroad, which do not make me loose much weight. I fought in Shooto with 63 kg and I felt great. With 60 kg is already difficult, I’m not so good. Now I am with 77 kg, because I hurt my thigh, I could not train much and gained weight. So it would be difficult to loose so much weight now", he said, "I hope to sign with an event that gives me a good financial situation, only to be able to train. It is difficult to train and work. My dream now is to close with a good event like UFC or Sengoku, make a good fight, and stay on it, in order to live of fighting". 


Dudu, who works in the morning at the academy, told what to do to reconcile his trainings with his work. 


"It’s a little tricky, but I have the advantage of training in the workplace. I wake up at 05h30m, work, training in the afternoon and evening. From time to time I also training in the morning too, when a colleague replace me at the reception. It is possible, for everything you have to strive in this life. We always try to do our best", concluded the fighter.



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