East Bay Judo Institute Shia

I hope you will enjoy watching us battle it out. In these two series you will see Jose Bencosme, the team captain at San Jose State Judo, and I competing in the East Bay Judo Institute Shia. The rules are as follows: Each side wears a sash, blue and white, instead of their belt. The only scores here are wa-zari and ippon (half and full point). If there is no score, or the score is tied by the end of the 5 minute match, then the players enter what is called golden score. This is similar to sudden death over time, in hockey, where the first score wins, but there can be no victory by the way of penalties.

In this tournament we fought two different weight divisions, black belt light and black belt heavy. Which brought the inevitable meeting of Jose and I. Since we have trained together for quite a long time our moves seemed fluid and flowed with a sense of finesse that you normally only see in Judo practice. Although he was victorious on the two occasions that we met, I believe it was because of the slippery mat and not his superior tachi-waza :).

Anyway I hope you will enjoy watching us battle it out.

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