Eddie Bravo Invitational Four Results

The Eddie Bravo Invitational Four went down last night in Los Angeles, and it might have proved that is was actually a superior product to it grappling counterparts. It has a great opening round full of submission, huge upsets, and some fantastic women’s super fights that probably has most people hoping to see a female tournament soon. Check out all the results below to see if your favorite grappler made it through the runnings to come out the 145 pound EBI champion.

EBI 4 Opening Round

Geo Martinez def. Sergio Perez via RNC at 1:14

Joe Soto def. Eddie Fyvie via Heel Hook at 2:02

Geoff Real def. Dane Molina via Kneebar

Joao Miyao def. Mike Main via RNC in overtime

Eddie Cummings def. Kevin Berbrich via Heel Hook

Russ Miura def. Alexis Alduncine via Ankle Lock

Randall Dolf def. Joe Murphy decision

Beret Yoshida def. Dennis Dombrow via knee bar with 12 seconds left.

EBI 4 Quarterfinals

Joe Soto def. Geo Martinez decision

Joao Miyao def. Geoff Real via RNC in overtime

Eddie Cummings def. Russ Miura via Heel Hook at 2:02

Beret Yoshida def. Randall Dolf via RNC at 2:40

EBI 4 SemiFinals

Joe Soto def. Joao Miyao by decision

Eddie Cummings def. Beret Yoshida via heel hook

EBI 4 Finals

Eddie Cummings def. Joe Soto and takes home $20,000!


Eddie Cummings came out the victor making him $20,000 richer due to him capturing submissions in every fight. Reversely, if Soto would have won in the finals, he would have made only $5,000 for his previous performances due to him beating two of the favorites, Miyao and Martinez, in overtime. It is unfortunate that the winner has to submit to get paid, and that all the losers don’t get a dime of money for their fights. In a world where everyone is complaining about MMA fighters pay, you have to hope these grapplers will be paid win or lose last he sport of competitive grappling grows.

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