Eddie Goldman and Bob Carson discuss the Zuffa-era UFC!

Legendary combative sports journalist Eddie Goldman isthe guest this week on Carson’s Corner.

Eddie (catch his shows athttp://nhbnews.blogspot.com/) and Bob sit down for anextended discussion and proceed to put Zuffa under themicroscope. If you’re a fan of MMA, you will not wantto miss this show. You will hear about a side of theUFC that you might not be aware of, and certainlywon’t be comfortable with. You will hear about howDana White possibly backstabbed the MMA media, howZuffa mistreated and mishandled PrideFC, mistreatedand mishandled Randy Couture and much, much, muchmore.

You won’t want to miss Goldman’s commentary on thestate of most MMA radio shows today ( e.g., Sherdog’sradio programs, etc.). It alone is worth the price ofadmission!

Bob also answers perhaps the zaniest listener emailsto date and previews the upcoming UFC 80 show.

If you’ve been on the fence about catching an episodeof Carson’s Corner, this is the show to jump on board. We’re backing this show up with a money-backguarantee!

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