Edwin “Babyface” Dewees and Mavrick “The Soul Collector” Harvey set for

Last week, it was announced that by way of his recent stunning victory over Wes Sims, Chris Guillen will battle Jeff “The Snowman” Monson on August 17 to crown the first ever Global FC Heavyweight Champion. More history will be made and more gold will be on the line at Mohegan Sun Arena. The quadruple main event, which includes Monson vs. Guillen, MMA legend Mark Kerr going toe to toe with former pro wrestler Sean O’Haire and Super Heavyweight fan favorite Butterbean in action, will also feature a bout to determine the Global FC Middleweight Championship.

Global FC Middleweight ChampionshipEdwin “Babyface” Dewees vs. Mavrick “The Soul Collector” Harvey

With an MMA record of 34-10-0, Edwin “Babyface” Dewees is one of the most active and prolific Middleweight competitors in the sport today. Dewees has faced many of MMA’s best including Rich “Ace” Franklin. “Babyface” had his boyish good looks put into jeopardy when his face was a crimson mask after a nasty cut was opened up in a fight with Gideon Ray during season four of The Ultimate Fighter. It was one of the bloodiest bouts in MMA history with Dewees seemingly spilling buckets of blood. In an amazingly gutsy performance, Edwin survived the bloodbath, and won the fight, which had gone into a “sudden victory” third round. That being said, there can be no questioning the heart of Dewees. Look for “Babyface” to once again pull out all the stops when championship gold is up for grabs on August 17.

Dewees will need every ounce of his fighting spirit, because he is in for a war with Mavrick “The Soul Collector” Harvey

Mavrick, complete with his tattooed eyebrows, is one of the most imposing and charismatic warriors in MMA today. Mavrick, also known as “The Soul Collector” prides himself on being a street fighter who will stop at nothing to defeat his opponent. The Southern California native has traveled the globe competing in K-1 events in Japan and France taking on the likes of Japanese fighting legend Nobuaki Kakuda in the process. Although his battle with Dewees may very well be the biggest fight of his career, Mavrick is not a stranger to Title fights. In fact, he is the longest reigning Kage Kombat Light Heavyweight Champion in history. To date, he has held a firm grip on the belt, and has bested all challengers for over five years. “The Soul Collector” has a unique bond with his loyal following of fans (The Soul Collector Nation). As he puts it, every time he steps into battle, it is “To the people, with the people, for the people.” Harvey is excited to expand his fan appeal to the East Coast, claiming, “I will open an Eastside Chapter of The Soul Collector Nation!”

This fight looks to be fiercely competitive and has the makings of a show stealer. Will Dewees live up to his potential and have his hand raised as the new Global FC Middleweight Champion, or, will Mavrick overpower “Babyface” and collect more gold? .

The Global FC “Weekly Wire” returns next week with a closer look at Mark Kerr vs. Sean O’Haire.

Who: Global Fighting Championships

What: 8 big fights featuring professional stars of MMA including Butterbean, Mark Kerr, Jeff Monson, Edwin Dewees and many more!

Where: Mohegan Sun Arena

When: August 17 at 8 Pm EST.

Tickets: Tickets are available by calling Ticketmaster: (860) 886-0070 or on-line by visiting www.ticketmaster.com

Information: For more information, please visit www.globalfightingchampionships.com

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