EliteXC World Champion Jake Shields on Carson’s Corner!

The champ is here and we have him!

That’s right. Bob Carson is the undisputed champion of MMA radio, and he will be taking Jake Shields to task on this episode of Carson’s Corner.

Jake Shields is a former Shooto world champion and current EliteXC world champion, a former college wrestler and world famous on the submission grappling circuit.

Listen as Jake describes living with fellow world class fighter Gilbert Melendez, his training and goals in mixed martial arts, his plans for the immediate future, whether Jared Shaw would make it as a professional fighter, how a fight with Georges St. Pierre would go, his friendship with Mark Towe and much more.

Bob also provides analysis of the big three cards from last weekend: EliteXC on Showtime, Adrenaline and DREAM.

Show length: 26:05

To listen, click here: http://carsonscorner.podomatic.com/

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