Jiu-Jitsu received with honors in the EmiratesAbu Dhabi Cup champions meet with leader of country

Between his obligations to the chiefs of state and authorities of countries such as Sudan and Japan, His Highness Mohammad Bin Zayed Al Nayan scheduled this Monday a meeting that is becoming more and more common for the country’s sheikh and general. It is a reception, with much pride from all involved, for the country’s Jiu-Jitsu champions, which thanks to the homage from the crowned prince of Abu Dhabi, and also supreme commander of the army of the Emirates, ended up on all the TV programs and newspapers in the country the very next day. At prime time and on the front page.

Lauded by the local fighters who won medals on the 10th of May at the last Abu Dhabi Cup, many of them personal guards of the sheikh, and others members of the country’s special forces, are the teachers responsible for the success of the gentle art in the country. They are a troop of Brazilians working with Carlao Santos, who arrived in the country six years ago and began work that demanded five more black belts: Olavo Abreu, Suyan Queiroz, Ricardinho Brandao, Marcelo “Guardinha” Motta and Sid Jacintho. “Only here are Jiu-Jitsu instructors received by the leader of a country in a cerimony full of heads of state,” says 1996 Pan-American champion Ricardinho.www.graciemag.com

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