Explosive MMA Event WinterFist II Nov. 23rd 3pm

Roy Englebrecht EventspresentsWinterFist IISunday, November 23rd Irvine Marriott 3pm

The best young MMA fighters from Orange County will get to display their fighting skills, when nine fighters from nine different OC MMA training centers step into the ring for WinterFist II, on Sunday, November 23th, 3pm at the Irvine Marriott’s 1,400 seat Grand Ballroom. Don’t miss Joey Roberts who at one time fought on a UFC show…former Costa Mesa High School football star Chad Lopez making his pro debut….and Cesar Macias, the first mma fighter signed to a promotional contract by Roy Englebrecht Events, they will all be in action on the seven bout card. The November 23rd show will be the fourth and final 2009 Fist Series show promoted by Roy Englebrecht at the Marriott, and this Battle In The Ballroom will be sure to sell out, as only 300 tickets remain. Plus, WinterFist II will be held in conjunction with Fight Promoter University V, as 20 students from around the country and world will be using the WinterFist show as a laboratory in learning the fight promotions business. Check out www.fightpromoteruniversity.com for more info. Tickets for WinterFist II are available online at www.battleintheballroom.com.

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