EXTREME FIGHTERS 12BRUTAL BEATDOWNUK’s No 1 FIGHTING EVENT UKMMAC 12 BRUTAL BEATDOWN- will be another night of full on explosive, hard hitting Extreme Fights that will rock the roof of the infamous Circus Tavern in Purfleet , Essex UKMMAC are pulling out all the stops and have a team of French Fighters fighting on this event,Frederick Fernandez is challenging World champion Mark Chen from the UK for the titleKacha Mohammed is having the return match with Mark harrisson after their last fight was stopped due to a nasty cut on the French combatants eye due to a clash of heads, plus other French warriors taking on the British fighters The Extreme Fighters events at the Circus Tavern are infamous for knock outs and submissions at the blink of an eye and with the expertise skills of our match maker the fights are number one on the list of must see’sDo not miss this event as you will be disappointed if you don’t come along as there is going to be a showdown in the heavy weight division and some of the New Breed Fighters are looking to make their own mark on their opponents and the fans at UKMMACUKMMAC Fight News!!This up coming fight card is stacked once more with local UK talent plus the blend of our fighting friends from various parts of the globe who are the usual fighters at the Circus Tavern. You the fans love to see the full on fights of different Martial Arts experts testing themselves to the EXTREME and wanting to prove that their style is the best form of self defense and to come out on top in this dangerously exciting sport and UKMMAC as promoters aim to put the finest matched fight card together with our official team of expert match makers that have the all important and necessary skills and qualifications that is vital to bring you the full on explosiveness bouts that are available at all EXTREME FIGHTERS EVENTS and as they are sanctioned by the UKMMAC(UK Mixed Martial Arts Championships) you are sure to be highly entertained with this highly regarded fight organizationThis event we are holding a France V England event with a fully stacked card to give you the most action packed eventJust have a look at the fight card below to see the quality fights on for you to watch on this evening and you will understand what we are saying – cannot be missed – great night out, get your friends and family or maybe you work colleges for that Social bash , book now and watch the show! UK Mixed Martial Arts Championship PRESENTSEXTREME FIGHTERS 12BRUTAL BEATDOWNThe worlds toughest combat sportMARK HARRISSON V KACHA MOHAMMEDDAVE BROUGHTON V TAZ PAOLO MIANO V MICK HALLWESLEY FELIX V MARTIN HILLSBRENDAN WHITE V LAURENT COLUMBEAUSIMON PALMER V TONY WHEELERPAUL BROUGHTON V JOHN LANCASTERFREDERICK FERNANDEZ V MARK CHENAFNAN SAEED V DARREN GUISHAPAUL GOLDING V DANNY JONESJEFFERS DENIS CEASER V “KOJAK”EDGAR LEITE V LEWIS WENDLEALAN LEE V JEANBILLY HARRIS V ASHLEY GRIMSHAWAKASH KULAR V JASON WHITEPEIR BARRAT V TERRY WATKINSLOLA BAMGBALA V ABNER LlOVERAS fight card subject to change! To see all the fighters pics and details click here for main web site www.extremefighters.netTo purchase tickets www.extremefighters.net/tickets.html

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