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Please help!

One of our good friends, Ryan Parker (referee at both WGG and GQ) is in a situation where his in a custody battle with the mother of his son, and he is afraid she is trying to slip over state lines in order to avoid summons. He has tried contacting the authorities in the matter, but has been told he basically needs to hire a lawyer and a private investigator to handle the matter at this point. Needless to say, he is both frustrated and desperate at this point, but hopefully this will work out in the end.

Ryan doesn’t have much in the way of money right now, but is an assistant instructor at the Gracie Academy and is willing to work off in private lessons or whatever it takes in fees or whatnot in helping him locate and recover his son! If you are in the Southern California area and can help and/or give advice, it would be much appreciated.

You can call Ryan at any time at 310-634-7926 or email if there is anything you can do. Please! Serious inquiries only as time may be of the essence here! Ryan needs to talk to a family law attorney or a private investigator at this point, even if it’s just to get advice right now.

Thank you very much!

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