We are a little longer than a month away from the BJJ CAMP, here are some questions people have been asking, if you haven’t make you reservation, please send me an email quick so I can hold you spot.

Here are the questions:

How many days is the camp?

The Camp last 10 days, you need to make sure to arrive one day before the official start (August 5th) and to leave any day after the last day, if you want to stay longer is no problem, we will help you with everything you need.What type of food is served?

We serve typical Brazilian food, everyone loves it, I guarantee you will have no problem with that, in case you have any specific diet just let me know and we will provide you WHAT EVER YOU NEED.

How many bedrooms?

We have 7 rooms in the house

How many people in 1 room?

We limited to 17 the total number of students for each camp, so that gives in the most 4 guys in one room. But often you have less than this.

How many Bathrooms?

Every room has a bathroom , the total number of bathrooms in the house is 9.

So, you are saying that everyone stays in the house? The students and black belts stay 100% of the time together?

That is right, we will live in the same house for 10 days, and we will be there the entire time. Unlike the others we will stay together the whole time you are in Brazil, train together, eat together, have fun together!!!

How many hours per day do we train?

There are 3 classes a day, the first in the morning last around 2 hours, the second is in the afternoon just for drills and review (last around one hour) and the last one is at night another group class also last around 2 hours.

Do the black belts roll with the students or they just watch them?

All the black belt roll with the students during all the classes and everyday.

Besides the regular classes, are the black belts available for private classes?

Yes, the black belts are also available for privates during the free time.

How many black belts will be there?

We guarantee you at least one black belt to every 3 students, they will not only be there, they will be helping you improve your game the entire time, rolling with you and correcting your mistakes.

What is the average temperature there in August

between 20 to 30 degrees.How far is the house from the airport?

We will be responsible to take you from the airport to the house and back, It’s no worries for you, Felipe Costa will be there waiting all the students, one day before the official start.

What is the name of the Airport I should arrive?

International Airport of Rio de Janeiro, Galeão (GIG), remember to schedule your arrival to one day before the official start and at least a day after the 10th day.

Do I need a visa to get in Brazil?

It depends where you are from, Brazil usually makes the “reciprocal politics” , that means if your country ask the Brazilians to have a visa, we also ask the citizens from your country to have visa.

I know USA needs a visa, but most of the European country don’t. It won’t hurt to double check.

Also to take your visa you need to have your airplane tickets in hands.

Let us know if that is anything else that you need to know.We hope to see you soon!!!!

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