Fatal Femmes Fighting Championship Press Conference

“Someone’s gonna get a first round beat down!”There was high Tension at the Fatal Femmes Championship Press on Friday July, 13, 2007 as 14 eager women meet to weigh both their bodies and their confidence.

The FFF Championships will host their second premiere women’s MMA event on Saturday July 14, 2007 at the Crystal Casino in Compton California. “As far as we’re concerned we are the UFC for women, this a great place for them to start their MMA career,” states the event promoter. Women from Brazil, Japan, and the U.S. have come to showcase their talent, some women come to show their skill and others come to settle beef. Tanya Evinger is up to fight Roxanne Modafferi if she comes up victorious and when asked about the beef between each other she stated “She talked a lot of smack after my last fight; about how I outweighed my opponent by twenty pounds. I never had that much against her in the first place, but I guess I took her fame the last time we fought.” A confident newcomer Crystal Harris, feels confident going up against returning FFF veteran Angela Samaro, exclaiming “I think it’s gonna be action packed but I think someone’s gonna get a first round beat down.” The main event will feature Flyweight Champion Lisa Ward vs. Taeko Nagamine of Japan. Ward seemed fearless when asked by the night’s resident pro fighter Josh Barnett, about her predictions in her future fight against the infamous Megumi Fuji at 125 lbs. Barnett asks Ward “So you have this Championship fight at 110 lbs. but coming up in August you have a 125 lbs. fight against Megumi Fuji, how does this fight weigh in to that?” an extremely secure Ward replies “I’ve fought people at 135 lbs. I don’t really care about the weight, I’m just gonna go into it, train hard and do the best to beat YOUR girl!” The event is sure to feature exciting fights and is definitely a step up for women in the MMA community. Stay tuned for results! Official Fight Card:

Yoko Takahashi (152.8lbs.) vs. Keiko Tamai (138.8 lbs.)

Sofie Bagherdai (127 lbs.) vs. Stefanie Palmer (122 lbs.)

Jessica Pene (114 lbs.) vs. Sumie Sakai (115.5 lbs.)

Crystal Harris (132 lbs.) vs. Angela Samaro (135 lbs.)

Tanya Evinger (136.4 lbs.) vs. Vanessa Porto (134.5 lbs.)

Megumi Yabushita (134 lbs.) vs. Ginele Marquez (127 lbs.)

Lisa Ward Flyweight Championship (111 lbs.) vs. Taeko Nagamine (107 lbs.)

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