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The event featured an array of talent, from new comers making their professional debut to seasoned International veterans. The event showcased such talent as Bodog veteran Amanda Buckner, Smack girl’s Takayo Hashi along with FFF own LW champion Roxy Madafferi.Fatal Femmes Fighting continued Thursday night to show why it is becoming one of the country premier woman’s MMA shows. The event featured an array of talent, from new comers making their professional debut to seasoned International veterans. The event showcased such talent as Bodog veteran Amanda Buckner, Smack girl’s Takayo Hashi along with FFF own LW champion Roxy Madafferi. While a few of the amateur fights kept a slow pace, the veterans showcased the skill and excitement that makes our sport what it is today.

The night started out with a feverish pace when Michelle Roody who was making her professional debut took on Franita Gatherings (0-1). In a high paced fight both came out aggressive hoping to score their first professional win. Throughout the fight both threw hard punches and landed chopping leg kicks, within the clinch both worked well landing punches and knees on each other. Towards the end of the first round though it was Roody who capitalized on a kick punch combination that made Gatherings crumble to the ground, giving Roody her first pro win via KO victory.

Following that fight Tammie Schneider (0-3) took on Jenn Babcock (0-1), both were looking for their first professional win and just like the first fight both looked ready to bang. Looks though can be deceiving and after a brief exchange of strikes Babcock opted to shoot for a takedown scoring a double leg and landing in Schneider’s Half Guard. From there Schneider after losing control of Babcock’s posture and fearing being punched attempted to scramble out of the bottom position. Babcock saw this and took full advantage sinking in her hooks when Schneider got to her knees. Babcock from there flattened out her opponent and worked what looked like somewhat of a half nelson. Once the arm was controlled Schneider’s face was completely open and this gave Babcock her chance to land punches. After a few well placed punches Schneider knew she could not get out and tapped out to avoid taking anymore punishment.

The Judges Thursday night had their work cut out for them having to score 5 of the 13 fights as decisions. One of those decisions was controversial as two new comers stepped into the cage to make their pro debut. One was Tierra Arnold and the other was Veronica Locurto, for most of the fight Locurto played the aggressor chasing down Arnold and landing strikes and attempting to score takedowns. Arnold however was able to play the counter puncher landing punches and stuffing most of her opponent’s takedown attempts. In the End the Judges saw fit to award Arnold the win via a split decision. Even though the fight was a tough one to call given the fact it was a back and forth battle the audience had its winner picked out, booing Arnold and Cheering for Locurto as they exited the ring.

In the most entertaining decision of the night Bodog veteran Amanda Buckner (11-4-1) took on Japanese star Takayo Hashi (10-1). As an observer one could make the comment that the fight looked more like a Muay Thai fight then a professional MMA fight. As the bell rang for round one Hashi came out immediately and took the center of the cage forcing Buckner to work from the outside. Hashi throughout the fight played the aggressor and Buckner the counter puncher. Although Hashi was the aggressor and showed the superior Technique Buckner was clearly the stronger of the two. She demonstrated this by her counter strikes, as each landed they caused more damage then Hashi combinations. Hashi showed her experience though playing the cat and mouse game with her combinations, on the inside her Thai clinch controlled the stronger Buckner giving her the opportunity to score knees as will. By the end of the third Hashi’s superior technique gave her the unanimous decision victory.

In what was a fast paced don’t blink kind of fight, crowd favorite Sophie Bagherdia (3-0) took on Mars and Bodog veteran Carina Damm (7-3). Damm who was known for being a brawler came out swinging landing a spinning back fist that echoed throughout the arena, right away you could tell Damm was the stronger of the two pushing Bagherdia around the cage virtually at will. Bagherdia didn’t back down though, sticking to her game plan of staying on the outside and landing leg kicks and punches. Bagherdia showed a lot of heart taking several hard punches that would have dropped many people. In the second though after being pushed up against the fence by Damm, Bagherdia was taken down and forced to work from her back. From there Damm passed her guard and got to the mount where she went for an armbar that forced Bagherdia to tapout just halfway though the round. In the Heavyweight championship fight Teyvia Reid (3-1) took on the women who previously beat her at last years UAFC event Lana Stefanac (5-0). A few Haymaker punches is pretty much the only offence that Reid was able to get off as Stefanac was able to score a single leg takedown and get it to the ground. Once on the ground Stefanac wasted no time in securing the mount position and landing some punches before transitioning to an armbar that forced Reid to tap. Just 36 seconds after the bell had rung FFF had crowned their first HW champion Lana Stefanac.

The main event of the night was a battle for the LW championship title. The challenger Vanessa Porto (7-2) looked to dethrone the champion Roxy Madafferi (11-4). Both came into the cage looking focused and ready for a war and a war is what they gave the crowd. It was no secret that Porto wanted this fight to hit the mat and Madafferi wanted to keep it standing. Both combatants though fought diligently on the feet and on the ground in this back and forth battle. Porto seemed to be the stronger of the two scoring leg kicks and hard right hands on the feet, on the floor she was able to somewhat control her opponent and looked for submission attempt whenever possible. On the other hand Madafferi showed why she is the champ, being able to not only weather the storm of Porto’s ground game but also being able to reverse her several times and look for her own submission attempts. On the feet she had the more technical strikes and in round 3 seeing that her opponent was tired, secured a Thai clinch against the cage and landed knees and inside punches that forced the ref to stop the fight. Official ResultsTamara parks def Lina Koukov via submission (armbar) 2:24 r1

Tierra Arnold def Veronica Locurto via decision (split) 3:00 r3

Michelle Roody def Franita Gathering via KO 2:54 R1 Jeff Babcock def Tammie Schneider via Submission (From strikes) 1:05 r1

Emily Thompson def Breanne Vickers via TKO (Ref Stoppage) 0:57 R3

Sally Krumdiak def Jamie Lynn via Decision (unanimous) 3:00 r3

Sarah Schneider def Ashley Sanchez via decision (unanimous) 3:00 r3

Alexis Davis def Liz Carriero via Decision (unanimous) 3:00 R3

Takayo Hashi def Amanda Buckner via decision (unanimous) 3:00 r3

Lana Stefanac def Teyvia Reid via Submission (armbar) 0:36 r1

Carina Damm def Sophie Bagherdia via submission (armbar) 1:52 r2

Roxy Modafferi def Vanessa Porto via TKO (strikes) 0:53 r3

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